Knobby tires on an S1000RR

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Continental now offers its very capable TKC 80 dual sport tires in sportsbike sizes: 120/17-17 and 180/55-17. To promote that, the German tire making commissioned bat shit crazy German custom builder Wunderlich to build this dual sport S1000RR. In addition to mounting the tires, ditching the fairings and bolting on an accessories catalog’s worth of anodization, the Germans display a typical inability to let a good joke be — various decals warn of inevitable death to any rider, including a “life insurance mandatory” sticker covering the tachometer.

  • the_doctor

    Jesus. What a great idea!

  • Pete

    That could be an AWESOME street naked, love the headlight/nose fairing. Ironically the only thing that needs changing is the tires.

  • Kevin

    I thought there was already a good off road tire option for the S1000RR :)

    I guess this wouldn’t work well onroad or over rocks.

  • jpenney

    Ditch all the cheesy words. Blech. Otherwise … freaking awesome!

  • zipp4

    Funnybot would love those cheesy words. He’s German.

  • je

    Want to hate….

  • TreMoto_Eddie

    Yes! Can’t wait to get one of those 180mm knobbies!

  • Campisi

    I want to see it with the fairings back on, because I’m weird like that.

  • tomwito


    • Racetrack Style

      extend the swingarm & add ground clearance with a taller fork and you will have something on par with the open-class hillclimbers.

  • Kyle

    well, now I know what I need come the apocalypse.

  • Johndo

    Ditch the stickers and the ugly headlight and it’s masterpiece. BMW should should really just stop producing the K1300R (even if I was a big fan of it) and make a super naked out of the s1000rr…

  • jonoabq

    All I see is a black Pontiac Aztek. Just because you can does not mean that you should.


    The Ideal killing machine for today’s on-the-go mereological nihlist.

  • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]

    I like its looks. The headlight/fairing reminds me of my kid’s Bionicle and Hero Factory LEGO.

    But I’d hate to take it on the dirt and drop it. That’s a lot of expensive carbon fiber and other fiddly bits for a naked.

  • Archer

    Looks like it belongs rendered on a KMFDM album cover…


      KMFDM sucks

  • William

    That’s a mess.

  • Rick

    Like using an Me-262 as a bomber, Der Führer würde dieses lieben!

  • Penguin

    Take all the tacky stickers off it and that is a sweet looking bike, paint it in M-tech colours and I’d be completely sold (is it just me or is raw carbon fibre so 2006?). BMW have got to be thinking about making a streetfighter S1000, after all if they are bonkers enough to make the K1300R then why not make a 185bhp naked bike?

    Paint it white, stick a blue stripe down the tank and then put the HP2 Megamoto’s headlamp on it and presto – instant Mega-streetfighter. I doubt they’d sell many but surely it’d be a couple hundred S1000′s that they wouldn’t have sold and all they’d have to do was raid the parts bin. Hell, Aprilia have done it.

  • AHA

    This joke went too far – the least credible element is the rubber. From a PR POV, Continental should have used a poweful dual purpose bike that uses 17″ wheels like the Multistrada. Using the Duke to create a stripped-back HP2-style Erzberg battler would be more on target.

  • runrun

    disastrous German attempt at humor. painful.

  • Stacey

    I’d be happy to ride that all over the hater’s faces. And I don’t care for bike’s with knobbies.

  • Chris Davis

    The Gen. Grievous, by WordPress.

  • BMW11GS

    Ahh I knew I was getting Star Wars from it. I just couldn’t pin point the exact character. Haha there logo does look like WordPresses.

  • oldblue

    Knobbies, eh? That’ll get the TC chiming in.

    Zose craysee Germans.