Levi Sherwood rides his backyard

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Ever wondered how professional FMX athletes like Levi Sherwood get so and stay so good? Well, they’re not commuting to rented track once a week, for one. Most have purpose-built training facilities right at home. The best have the kind of jumps that mortals like you and I would be scared to walk up. Witness Levi’s new track in his native New Zealand. Not only is it epic, but he built it himself.

Photos: Graeme Murray

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  • Campisi

    *sips a mint julep*

    It’s good to have land.

  • Ben

    At 1:48 during the wheelie shot, What are those black cylinders in front of the bars?

    • tpnewsk

      They flip them up before they do flips/flip variations? Something something something hands don’t go flying off the bars.

  • http://www.postpixel.com.au mugget

    Pretty sweet. Makes you wonder what kind of riding we would see if it was possible for road racers to have a private track in their backyard…

    I think those things on the handlebars are to help them get back on the bike after extended tricks, or to make sure they don’t extend too far. When they extend their forearms will be resting up against those other bars. At least I think that’s how it works.