Photos: an R1 in the sand dunes

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How’s this for a magazine cover? With the help of Yamaha Europe and Michelin, French mag L’Integral equipped 10-time Dakar winner Stephane Peterhansel with a 50th Anniversary R1 and sent him to the Sahara desert to grab these images on the huge sand dunes there. The only modifications necessary? A set of bar risers and a pair of race wets, the rear hand-cut to form paddles. And I thought I was tough riding a SuperTen off-road all weekend…

  • Johndo

    Not sure I get the point of doing this…but nice pics.

    • tpnewsk

      …to sell magazines… generating revenue…

    • mugget

      Why? Because they can!

  • the_doctor

    I bet there was a dunes worth of sand in the fairing.

  • Will

    What the fuck? …Cool? Cool.

    Those hand-carved paddles look incredible.

    • Gene

      Especially with the “NOT FOR HIGHWAY USE” showing :)

      Are those denim jeans he’s wearing?? I guess it doesn’t make much difference on dunes?

  • skullvulture

    Next issue: “The Canals of Venice on an RSV4″

  • Scott-jay

    Recall a Pan Am rider shortly after R1 debut?

  • DoctorNine

    The mechanic in me cringes at the thought of the chain and sprockets.

    But the hoon in me is screaming, “F**k Yeah!”

  • Scott-jay

    Footage from the South America leg of Sjaak Lucassen on his 5 year adventure to travel around the world on an unlikely motorcycle: a 2001 Yamaha R1.

  • whoisthor

    under water r1? just sayin….