Sons of Anarchy meets The Office

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A new web series out of Belfast aims to provide a more realistic, more comedic take on the biker gang theme. The Clandestine tells the story of a couple of IT nerds and “one smoking hot chick” who set out to form their own outlaw motorcycle club. “We can take whatever we want, from whoever we want, whenever we want it,” catchlines the show’s protagonist, who then rides off into the rainy Irish evening in a bright orange leather suit. Here’s the first episode.

Provided you were able to understand the remarkably thick accents, you could probably tell that the show is a rather clever send up of modern biker culture. With themes like Pirates and Power Rangers and the impenetrable language of motorcycle specs, combined with the fonts, it’s easy to get the feeling that the show’s creators read HFL. That’s no bad thing, this is funny.

The Clandestine is currently raising funding on Kickstarter for more episodes.

  • doublet

    Can’t wait to watch this when I get home. I love European humor!

  • Your_Mom

    It’s dreadful. Love the attempt but they have a way to go.

  • AJ

    This looks brilliant. Get over to Kickstarter and pledge.
    Claim the donation back at tax time.

  • Dani Peral

    I like it! Its quite funny :)

    Plus, I have the same gloves as the harley guy :O (Red alpinestars with CF knuckles)

  • Thom

    Dumbassed ! But funny ! Which …. I assume is the whole point .

    Pretty much sums up the Phony ‘ 1% Yuppie Wanna be biker scene in a nutshell .

    The weasel in the office . Tell me we all haven’t at least one like him in our past or present .

    Love the Rice Burner squid and his Online Outlaw bike idea as well . 21st Century youth at its finest ( funniest)

    True British Isles ( even if it is Irish ) sarcasm at its finest

    They should get this on FX as a real series . I’d be laughing for the entire hour if they did , assuming they could keep the storyline moving .

  • ktaisa

    im pretty sure that is exactly how hells angels started too

  • Squid_Squidly

    Someone had to post it:

    The Clandestine was neat. I like how it made Wes write all British-y in the second paragraph. :p

    I feel like their culture has a much better grasp of “motorbikes” than we do here and so I think they’d produce better shows about them.

    Wish they were going for full TV length episodes though.

    Also unsubtle Animal Farm references are always nice.

  • Scott-jay

    Are ‘we’ an online motorcycle gang?
    Seems virtually true, the ring of truthiness.

  • Mark D [EX500]

    Excellent use of Iron Maiden in the beginning.

    • Sean Smith


    • poke

      ‘Tis Judas Priest. Sure kinda sounds like Maiden, though.

      • Mark D [EX500]

        Really? I’m so ashamed of myself right now!

  • Devin

    Man! Is this five minute vid the only thing there is to this?

  • will

    Sons of Anarchy and the Office are 2 tv shows i have never really liked. So I am surprised how much I like Clandestine. or maybe that is why i like it.

  • mugget

    Heh, that has potential. Not laugh out loud funny for me, but some clever references and almost ‘in jokes’ (powerrangers) could make it really good. I’mma check out their Kickstarter page now…

  • Joseph Campo

    I’m The Clandestine’s producer and just wanted to thank you all for the positive feedback.

    We’re raising funds for the show at the moment. Its tough to please everyone in one episode but you can expect more action, beautiful women, and rock and roll in future episodes. If you like it, please spread the word about pledging donations to on Kickstarter.

    -Joseph Campo

  • pplassm

    “There is no ‘I’ in ‘Team.’” will never be the same to me! lulz

    • MotoLady

      Yeah, but there’s a U in CUNT! hahahaaaa

      • JK

        Best line ever!

  • MotoLady

    This is more like the IT Crowd and Sons of Anarchy put together. Still dig it though! :D

  • CW

    The last line is the crux of human existence: “It’s coming to me,,,”. It’s the punchline that never comes.

  • darrylxxx

    The full Season 1 of The Clandestine is almost ready. We have the trailer for the show here – sign up to get exclusive VIP access before the public launch. The show is 13 x 5 mins and we will be giving full access from day 1.

  • yipY

    Please save us all from this dross.Guys with ties and a woman form a biker gang?The concept is not humorous.”Transleathervestism”springs to mind.Good luck.