Stunting’s cold war

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You’ve seen Nick Apex drift past an RX-7, you’ve seen Ernie Vigil join him to make the most epic motorcycle stunt video ever and you’ve seen French rider Jorian Ponomareff emulate the Americans’ riding style. But, you haven’t seen him do it on ice, while being chased by a side-by-side and run over by a dudebrah in a lifted pickup. Well, here you go.

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  • Jericho7

    That’s not just any dudebrah. That’s a Monster Energy Dudebrah.

  • dux [87 CBR600, 95 XR600R]

    That was sorta fun. I listened to some OMD – How Bizarre to accompany the vid instead of obligatory ass-rock.

  • Ben

    Ice ice ice… You guys should plan a trip out to Wisconsin next January to run the steelshoe three hour endurance Ice race! I’m sure we can find a team for ya to race with.

  • oldblue

    Can’t put my finger on precisely why, but that, (pun intended) left me cold.

    Lots of riding around in circles. Big stunting talent, no doubt, but a really squidly overtone on the whole thing.

  • Andres Freire

    That was awesome

  • Plotts

    Ughh, why did I watch that? And why were there sounds of a 2-stroke dirtbike mixed in? I swear I heard it. And why was the guy happy he ran somebody over? And why………….

  • Dale

    the run-over scene is CG

  • Marcus Olsson

    Thankfully, the temperature here in Sweden has gone up quite a bit since the video was shot :)

  • Zaron Gibson

    Honestly the whole video just looked like an insult to Jorian. Doing the same tricks, just on ice, like a “yeah, well, I can do it on ice, saucka!”