Testing Dainese D-Air

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This is what it looks like to put Dainese’s new airbag-equipped D-Air race suit through its paces. Pictured here is Leon Haslam crashing his World SBK S1000RR at Misano practice last year. Despite landing heavily on his shoulders and back, Haslam walked away without injury. D-Air hides its airbag underneath the suit’s leather, wrapping it around the shoulders and collar bones. Three accelerometers and three gyroscopes determine the difference between an easy lowside and a violent highside, such as this, inflating the airbag in just .05 seconds if it’s needed.

“Unfortunately in my first year I tested the system a few too many times, but it saved me from any injuries and meant I was able to remount and carry on,” says Leon. “We do push the boundaries when racing and it’s great to have the added peace of mind that, if it does go wrong you have the system protecting you.”

A high-res version of this composite is available below, along with the individual images which make it up.

  • aristurtle

    That is really impressive.

    Now if only it was a little cheaper…

  • NickK

    I’d love this even more if they had one that went off covering your tail bone and ass.

    /long story…

  • Doug

    You still have an ass? Must be nice.

  • matt

    Wasn’t there an earlier version this system have an airbag that pops out around the neck and shoulders? Interesting that it’s inside now.

  • filly-fuzz

    Traction control FAIL
    Jokes guys relax……