The last 8 laps of the Daytona 200

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If you’re anything like Sean, Grant or I, then you love motorcycle racing, but struggle to find ways to watch it. At least ways that fit into the rest of your busy life. You likely also heard that this year’s Daytona 200 had something of an epic finish. We’ve been trying to find a way to watch the damn thing all weekend, literally just now stumbling across this video of the final eight laps on YouTube. You’re watching this as we are.

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  • Aaron

    What a ride by Jason DiSalvo, this has to be one of the best series.

  • Joshua Manning

    AWESOME. The little Triumph that could:-)

  • Tommy

    that was awesome.

  • Rick

    You guys do know it was on SpeedTV yesterday, right?

    I enjoyed seeing Pascarella prevail against the Graves Motorsports juggernaut. Hopefully DMG won’t disqualify the winner for insufficient decals or the blank canvas paint!

    • Wes Siler

      Sure, but then we’d have to like, own a tv and like, have cable and, like be in the right place at the right time.

      • Joshua Manning


        • Michael

          Or like, hit record on our DVR. The whole thing is like, way too much. Thanks for posting this Wes. My wife made me go to a barbell class at the gym and I missed the last 10 laps. You were like, reading my mind dude.

          And yeah Josh, I have to keep going to the gym because I’m getting old!


      • jpenney

        Other race series should look to MotoGP. I’ve always a great experience with their streaming.

    • Andy Gregory

      SpeedTV’s coverage is usually too painful to watch. Commercial breaks ruin races for me. “And we’re back now and you just missed the best passes of the race…”

      • Andy Gregory

        Yeah, the whole “owning a TV + cable + DVR” thing does pose a problem too…

        • Jeff

          Between the bike races and F1 this weekend, my DVR ended up at 99%. Got it all though. Great races all round.

      • smoke4ndmears

        Watching AMA races on SpeedTV has inculcated in me a acute hatred of Flo.


        F1 was great!

  • The other Joe

    I’ve found my DVR to be invaluable in my ability to watch these events. They’re never on at a convenient time, so this way I watch them when I want to.

    Oh yeah, what a race! I wanted DiSalvo to win so bad and he was so close! Oh well, I’m happy for Pascarella. For such a young and inexperienced rider that was a huge win!

    By the way, the Triumph was, by far, the best looking bike out there!

  • Andy Gregory

    You guys realize your lead photo screenshot is a spoiler, right?

    • Wes Siler

      Only if you follow AMA racing closely enough to know what leathers the riders wear, but didn’t bother watching the race on Speed. So it’s a spoiler for about 3 people, right?

      • Andy Gregory

        Ha, I suppose you’re right, and admittedly I didn’t think of it until after watching it. If someone looked at it for more than a moment and then watched the video they would figure it out though. Just thought it was funny, you know how sports fans can be with spoilers.

  • smoke4ndmears

    The #2 Superbike race had a close finish too!

    • Racetrack Style even closer finish

  • Glenngineer

    This bored the shit out of me. 2 wheeled Nascar>4 wheeled Nascar, but you’re splitting hairs to find the difference.

    • TuffGong

      That was pretty silly… Nascar race looks like that…the track is hardly the best for a Moto race,but is was still obvious why motorcycle racing is so much more exciting than any 4 wheel race of any type….

    • Campisi

      Clicking on the little triangle in the bottom left turns the static picture into a motion picture, with awesome stuff and everything! Ooh, Star Trek…

      Seriously, though, I don’t even watch bike racing very often and this was heart-pounding good fun.

  • Deryl

    I really like the fact they paid tribute to Gary Nixon, always liked his helmet design.

    • JMcMahon

      I was glad to see the tribute to Gary and hats off to Jason DiSalvo for pulling together one hell of a ride. I would have loved to see him take the checkered flag.

      It would be nice to see Triumph roll out a special edition like this instead of constantly humping McQueen’s ghost.

      • Dylan

        ” It would be nice to see Triumph roll out a special edition like this instead of constantly humping McQueen’s ghost.”

        Honestly made me laugh so hard. I agree 100%

  • 85gripen

    For some reason my DVR recorded the AMA Superbike races but not the Daytona 200. The result was spoiled for me anyway by Triumph America in a Facebook post. And Jason DiSalvo is a Facebook “friend”…

    Anyone catch Superbike race 2? I’m rooting for EBR and on the last lap Geoff May dropped from like 9th to 16th. Anyone know what happened? Mechanical failure? An off?

    • smoke4ndmears

      Mechanical failure on the last lap. Bike was brought back to the pits with oil everywhere according to those who saw it. Bummer. Danny’s DNF the day prior was electrical supposedly. Still, they each did ok. Race 2 had an amazingly close (.0002) finish. Big props to Pegram and Rapp -competitive on a budget!

    • tomwito

      For some reason the 200 was called Daytona Bike Week on the DirectTV guide. I went to Daytona so I recorded it on the chance I would have been on the show. Got home last night played it and it was the 200.

  • craha

    Watched this yesterday but with the sound off in favor of classical music for my newborn! Nice to hear it with the actual commentary, thanks. Even more exciting because I ride a Triumph Daytona… Maybe time to paint my bike?

  • Gary Inman

    Exciting racing, but hearing Scott Russell again was the high point for me. G

    • smoke4ndmears

      He stopped saying “racey” though :(

    • Racetrack Style

      Scott Russell was very entertaining.

  • Campisi

    So what series is this again? I may try to squeeze this series in between F1 races (and another attempt at getting in to MotoGP).

    • smoke4ndmears

      AMA. Daytona Sportbike. Not to be confused with AMA Supersport, which is ranked under DSB, or AMA Pro National Guard Superbike, which is the top tier here. The DSB races last year were the hottest thing on two wheels that I was able to catch, though I didn’t catch any BSB.

      • Roman

        Apart from asinine series names, AMA is pretty tough to follow, since Speed doesn’t really show that many of the races. And it doesn’t warrant a download over WSBK or MotoGP. Too bad because the racing is pretty good. Also AMA spectator experience kind of sucks. No jumbo screens= no idea what’s going on after the first couple laps.

        • Campisi

          Living in Korea requires internet downloads to get English-coverage racing, so usually I have my pick of the litter when it comes to coverage. I will admit I have a soft spot for Speed’s F1 coverage, even though Sky probably does a better job of it.

  • Edward

    AMA racing is actually really good. If anyone saw the last race of last year’s season at New Jersey Motorsports park, I believe in the 2nd highest class (supersport I think?) it was incredible. 9 lead changes in the last lap, with the top three points finishers for the season battling it out for the title, basically on top of each other.

    I actually wish SPEED focused on AMA racing as much as moto gp and wsbk. I would love to watch the flat track races too.

    • Todd

      Despite having the closest racing in years, the AMA racing coverage is nowhere near its level in the past on SPEED. This is mainly due to the DMG mismanagement in the first few years of their ownership under the leadership of Roger Edmondson. There is enough material to write a book on that topic. The short story is DMG decided it needed to explain motorcycle racing to the existing fans in the true NASCAR way by dumbing it down. An example would be the Daytona Sportbike class was changed from a standing start to a rolling start ergo NASCAR. They also tried to dictate the rules of competition to the manufacturers. Honda decided to pull its involvement as a factory team/satellite support because of this along with others.

      Occasionally SPEED will show a Flat Track in conjunction with a bigger race they are covering (Daytona or Indy). Otherwise, the only and best way is to attend a Flat Track race. TV really doesn’t do a Flat Track race justice.

      Until NASCAR stops paying SPEEDTV to be NASCARTV, motorcycle coverage will be very limited. The replay of 3 hr race on Wednesday of a race that was run on Sunday is exciting, right?

  • The Blue Rider

    Watched the recording earlier today… Fucking loved it… I was really hoping DiSalvo could pull off the #1, making two extraordinary wins back to back, after last year’s engine swap on the Ducati.

    I’m not as big a fan of the Superbike class as I am the Daytona Sportbike class. I think the racing is more fun in Sportbike, and I love the sound of all those different engines on the grid just before the start.

  • damien

    Honda, get your shit together and put a fucking bike out there would ya? Pathetic.

    Anyway, great racing. And thank Jeebus for DVR.

    Cool to see Elena Myers win another one in the Supersport class.

    • Wes Siler

      Why should Honda participate? Racing is advertising and AMA is ineffective at reaching any sort of meaningful audience.

      • Gene

        Heck, Honda didn’t even bring demo bikes to Bike Week this year. They had that 700cc thing with the new engine, but all you could do is look at it and go “yup, got two wheels…”

        They didn’t bother to bring their MotoGP bike either, whereas Yamaha did bring Spies’ bike.

        I think the Honda tent had more staffers than browsers. It was pretty deserted.

      • damien

        That’s a good point, and I really can’t argue with it…but still…I want to see a Honda out there, isn’t that good enough? ha.

      • Alex

        It has zero to do with that Wes. That’s not the reason Honda isn’t there.

  • Jesse

    Ye gods, DiSalvo. What an effort.

    • Daniel

      Makes me proud to be a Triumph owner! That was a great race.

  • jp182

    I forgot who that announcer is, the one with the Southern accent, but I can’t stand listening to his commentary.

    • damien

      That would be Mr. Daytona himself, Scott Russell. 5 time winner there and SBK Champ. He is pretty rough on the ears though.

  • Racetrack Style

    Total respect. Consider the concentration these riders exert for TWO HUNDRED miles, flat out.

  • T Diver

    Ask icon to send you a TV.

    • Wes Siler

      No TV out of choice in any HFL household.

  • Dylan

    Thanks for posting! I try to stay up on the racing world but have a hard time remembering to watch/DVR it. Talk about some amazing racing. I was literally on the edge of my seat shouting for DiSalvo as the race ended