Watch a Brazilian woman go bat shit insane on a biker

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Riding through urban traffic in Brazil, a Kawasaki ZX-11 owner suddenly runs into trouble with the female driver of a small SUV. What starts as typical smack talk quickly escalates into something else entirely after the rider kicks the SUV’s headlamp out. The driver responds in kind by ramming the bike. But, when the rider gets up and attacks the driver, shit gets real and the guy gets plowed across lanes of traffic by the now clearly crazy bitch. Ouch.

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Thanks for the tip, Matthew.

  • Chris

    fucktards, the both of them.

  • Robert M

    Wow. I guess kicking the headlight would be vandalism and running someone down would be assault?

    • Kevin

      Aggravated battery
      Aggravated because a weapon was involved (the car)
      Battery because it was a physical attack (though most places list battery with/or under assault)

  • Your_Mom

    I think you may have misinterpreted what happened. He did kick her vehicle. That’s out of line – period. Then he reaches into her vehicle through the open window. I am speculating here but I surmise that he may have been grabbing the steering wheel which caused it to veer into the oncoming lane. He’s just as guilty as she is. He got overcome by the Red Mist – this is a bad way to act.

    • jpenney

      No. He damaged her car. She literally tried to KILL him … TWICE.

    • Tony T.

      Looks like she plowed into him, he surfed her hood for a few lanes, she ran into another car and tossed him off and then he reached in and took her keys. His reaction was totally off-base to begin with but he picked the wrong person to push buttons with. I hope he enjoyed every breath he took for a while.

    • Mark D [EX500]

      Kicking a car isn’t always out of line.

      Kicking a car when you’re still stuck in traffic in front of them probably is, though.

      • adrenalnjunky

        It’s a definite lack of forethought, at least

  • jpenney

    If you watch the video the car driver clearly started it. The rider was splitting lanes, which is allegedly legal, and she clearly intently came at him at the beginning. Not matter what he did to her vehicle, it wouldn’t have been life threatening. She tried to run over him TWICE! That is fucking insane no matter which side you are on.

    • gsx750f

      the bitch cut him off. His reaction was stupid, but i perfectly understand why he did it. Then she tried to kill him.
      Or maybe she was just trying to park her car on the side of the road, who knows. Parking isn’t always easy with such a big car.

  • Fizzy Fox

    Attempted murder. Period. That fucking bitch should be put to death.

    • gsx750f

      I’m against capital punishment, for me it would be enough if she wasn’t allowed to ever drive a car again.

      • Fizzy Fox

        I actually am too. That shit pisses me off though.

        She should be locked up and never allowed on the road again. Her kids (if she has any) should be taken away and all of her property sold and the $ given to a motorcycle school.

  • Mike

    And neither of them were immediately kidnapped and/or murdered? Given the statistics, both were lucky.
    /forget it Jake, it’s Brazil.

    • Grant Ray

      (golden cookie for best film noir reference.)

  • oldblue

    What? No submachineguns?

  • je

    I thought j-lo drove a fiat?

    • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]


  • Plotts

    You guys use the term bitch too frequently. I find it offensive.

    I’m not a woman, but kick my car and see what happens to you, on a bike or not. Clearly this is all a bit excessive but that’s what happens when people lose their heads. “Bitch” or not.

    • Lacubrious


    • stempere

      Someone trying to kill someone else over property damage is either a bitch or an asshole.
      Not the time to be on the PC police’s side.

      • austin_2ride


    • rohorn

      I find bitches very offensive.

    • lurk

      Seems to me you’re saying you would harm someone for minor property damage. I think that qualifies you as an asshole, as does the fact you find calling a person who tried to kill something in traffic a bitch offensive. Words generally don’t pose a physical threat to people.

  • mugget


    Woman trying to block the gap where the motorcyclist was splitting – stupid.
    Rider kicking the SUV – stupid.
    Woman ramming into the motorcyclist – stupid.
    Motorcyclist jumping all over the car trying to get at the woman – stupid.
    Woman losing control and ramming into a parked car whilst rider does Spiderman impression on her vehicle – stupid.

    Summary – stupid people do stupid things.

    • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]

      No different than 1000s of other videos on YT of stupid people getting mad at each other and doing stupid things.

  • Dylan

    I’ll say exacty what I said when I first saw this. Even if the guy had cut her off, flipped her off, insulted her mother, and then proceeded to kick the car doesn’t excuse what the woman did. Kicking a car out of anger is one thing, trying to run someone down with a 2000+ lb car is attempted vehicular homicide. If someone came at me with a car I would consider it an attempt on my life and act as such to protect it

    • Holden and Annette

      “If someone came at me with a car I would consider it an attempt on my life and act as such to protect it.”

      Yeah. And the best way to protect it is to de-escalate and get as far as possible from a homicidal SUV driver.

      Jesus Christ. If someone with a deadly weapon (an SUV) tries and fails to kill you, then get the fuck away. How difficult is it to understand this?

      This motorcycle rider will be dead within two years, and good riddance.

      • Dylan

        Wow. Heartless much? I think you would be just as angry and confused if some lady just tried to make you a pancake and would probably try and keep her around so the police could get to her.
        Or would you just immediately run away with your tail between your legs accepting your fate?
        What I meant by protect it as such is instead of reaching into her car and getting beat to a shit would be to actually gain control of the situation. The rider is way too nice to the lady, especially after she runs him across the road on her hood. If I was carrying, I would have no problem shooting the person dumb enough to try to ram me in a car

        • Holden and Annette

          Yes, if someone ran into me and I ended up on the hood, then she deliberately crashed the vehicle in an effort to crush me, but I was able to walk away — yes, I would run away. With my tail between my legs? Sure, if you want to characterize it that way.

          Nothing heartless about observing that this motorcycle rider will soon be dead. It’ll be his fault, not anyone else’s.

  • Kirill

    One of the first lessons of Motorcycling 101 is “never fuck with a cage, they have physics on their side.” This guy clearly missed the day they taught that one.

    He’s an idiot, she needs to be jailed.

  • filly-fuzz

    the world is full of REALLY clever people.

  • Dani Peral

    This really scares me…Ive had a bike for a month now… Im using for commuting daily, and here in Madrid, Spain, lane splitting is quite common (its not legal but its unnofficially permitted). Sometimes a SUV cuts my way intentionally. I just wait and pass him later when I can do it safely. Some others, a mercedes bents its electric mirror so i can pass. I thank the guy and continue. Most of the people doesnt just notice and lets enough space for me to pass. Others notice bikes and they move a bit out of your way.

    But just thinking on somebody just getting this mad at me for passing him…it really scares me. Whatever they say to me, I know I must just continue and not respond. And I really hope I will.

    • nick2ny

      If you take everything personally on a motorbike, it will be a very stressful experience. Shrug it off, and it’s the best thing ever.

      • BMW11GS

        Yeah, sometimes I feel that the macho, “im going to pass this slow moving vehicle no matter what gets people in to more trouble than anything else.” Ego I guess

      • oldnick

        I agree. After some years on a bike there is a sort of acceptance to the crazy things around you and a lot less anger. Lots of stupid people do lots of stupid things, and we are all stupid at some point in time. Most people don’t even realise they have done something stupid. Take a deep breath, take a note for future reference, and keep on riding.

  • Scott-jay

    And now we see why lane splitting is banned in the reasonable states.
    : )

    • EricP

      Thats crazy talk. Take it back!

    • Jesse

      How about instead, we allow lane splitting and ban flare-tempered jerks?

      I’ll also call “shenanigans” on declaring CA the only “unreasonable” state.

    • nick2ny

      Lane splitting isn’t a problem anywhere else in the world, it’s the huge cars and uptight, inattentive people that drive them that cause problems in the USA.

      • protomech

        Except this is Brazil, I believe..

  • Johndo

    Yep here lane splitting is not allowed, and even if it was I wouldnt do it. We are already invisible as bikers, no point in being in places where cars REALLY DON’T expect us on top of that. What are a few minutes worth compared to your life…

    In this case, kicking the car wasnt a genius idea, running him over was simply crazy.

  • pplassm

    I’ve split lanes in Europe where it’s “tolerated”, and you always have to look out for that one crazy person.

    I wouldn’t even attempt it here in the US.

    • Ben W

      Agreed. I don’t trust Texas drivers one bit.

      • JVictor75

        I shudder to think about even attempting to lane split on any of the roads in Houston, Dallas, or San Antonio at rush hour. A shotgun blast to the face would be preferable.

    • Scott Pargett

      I can’t imagine not being able to lane split.

    • jye

      A year ago, I was splitting lanes “conservatively” on CA 60; then a moto cop came from behind and gave me a hand gesture, which I interpreted as “follow me.” After a few miles of learning experience, I am very comfortable in splitting the lanes, even in high speed (65 to 70 mph).

      • Jesse

        Must have been pretty bad ass having a police blocker for lane splitting. Good on you.

      • Scott Pargett

        Heading North on the 405 in LA here, I ended up behind a LAPD police bike in heavy traffic, big ol harley. The officer saw me in his mirror and clearly decided to show me what he’s got.

        I was impressed, we kept a very spirited pace with lots of jumping to alternate lanes because of the sheer width of his bike. As it cleared up more and we descended into the valley I sped up next to him and gave him a thumbs up for a job well done. He gave a nod and we parted. A pretty fun experience.

      • pj134

        Best fullback I could ever imagine.

  • Filipe

    i’m brazilian and this doesn’t surprise me unfortunately… people just don’t give a fuck. the majority of people drive like nyc cabbies, if that gives you any idea. stupid of the guy to kick the car, but that bitch deserves to be beaten for trying to run him over in retaliation.

    here’s another example of deranged fucktards trying to be Ayrton Senna on a public street…

    • austin_2ride

      That is both disturbing and completely unimaginable!

    • gsx750f

      I just reconsidered my stance on capital punishment, i think!

      • Filipe

        yeah… i have daydreamed of being there and catching that guy and beating him to a pulp.

        • BMW11GS

          Totally unrelated, but I just watched the Ayrton Senna documentary and it was one of the better sports documentaries I have ever seen. To make a comparison he has some of the characteristics as Valentino Rossi, but perhaps more earnest and imbued with an aura of mysticism. It was amazing. Recommended to all HFL readers.

          • Filipe

            most. definitely. a phenomenal film about a phenomenal man.

    • Mark D [EX500]


      Every time I see people riding a bike in the city in flip-flops and no helmet, I want to show them that video. Mangled toes and severe concussions aren’t fun.

    • Jesse

      I may consider wearing all my moto gear when on my pedal bike, after seeing that. Egads.

    • Kirill

      I hate the Critical Mass types as much as anyone, but that is beyond awful

  • nick

    everybody be cool…that guy has a serious impending force on his brain-hole….and yup, I would have to reckon’ that lady is nutzoid…I feel better. Where’s my shitkickers?

    • oldnick

      Thanks for the best laugh all week.

  • MotoLady

    I think he was trying to choke her through the window. Rightfully so. Also, props to him for hanging onto her side mirror while she tried to break both his legs by ramming him into another car.

  • DoctorNine

    Never mess with a crazy Brazilian chick in a disposable commuter car.
    I read that rule somewhere, I think…

  • Kit

    I’ve only kicked one car on the road and it was to take off the mirror of a Mercedes SUV. After she nearly killed me I figured she wasn’t using it anyway so I was just lightening her car therefore improving her gas mileage. I say a did the bitch a favor.

  • Ratlanta

    Looks like she’ll have to Fix It Again Tony.

  • M

    glad this got used. you should see the literally homicidal sentiment on the message board where i originally saw this. at least 70% of the comments were defending if not downright celebrating this dumb twat.

  • Thomas

    It amazes me that people on a motorcycle forum are taking the side of a cager. What is wrong with you people man, what is this quest to make cagers out to be the ones that are always on the right side when it comes to motorcycleist vs car. LISTEN CLOSLEY people that drive cars dont like bikers, they dont like bikes, they dont like lane splitting, they dont like us not sitting in traffic. GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEAD. It seems as days go on people on motorcycle forums take everyones side but motorcycleist. IF YOU INTENTIONALLY HIT SOME ON A BIKE WITH A CAR BE PREPARRED TO BE RIPPED FROM THE SEAT AND GET A BEATDOWN. #ihaveseenithappen