Watch Ernie Vigil stunt…a Triumph Scrambler?!

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Videos of our buddy Ernie Vigil wheelying, drifting and just generally misbehaving on a motorcycle are a dime a dozen. But they’re usually on a generic sportsbike or a Triumph Speed Triple or some such expected machine. Here, he does all that on a 58bhp, 500lbs Triumph Scrambler. The result is, unexpectedly, beautiful.

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  • Noah

    Impressive! Do we know if this is a stock Scrambler?

    • Wes Siler

      Yup, stock Scrambler. Great bike.

      • ike6116

        A friend of mine and fellow reader, NitroPye couldn’t disagree with you more.

        • NitroPye

          Yep. All style over function. Real disappointed.

          • Grant Ray

            I’ve only ridden the Jack Pine, which is awesome. Is your scrambler stock? Where did you take it that it didn’t perform?

            • NitroPye

              Just around town and a bit up in the hills in the bay area.

              Brakes were horrible, suspension bounced around like a 1980s Cadillac (and I’m a light guy), that stupid exhaust placement turned a nice 70s degree day into “my balls are sweating day” and it also made the bike very wide. There is absolutely no need for the high speed idle fake-choke switch other than nostalgia bullshit. I would have not enjoyed taking one of these off road at all.

              A modern bike that wasn’t beholden to “classic looks” would have been more comfortable and performed much better at the same price point.

              • jpenney

                There’s a time for a Street Triple and a time for a Scrambler. And both roast your balls. Must be a British thing.

              • Will Y

                I use my scrambler as a daily commute and for adventures. I’m an amateur when it comes to dirt but I think the scrambler handles itself pretty well for such a heavy beast. If anything the brakes were too good! I agree that the high idle switch is a bit over the top nine snapped off in a crash.

                • jamesleefoley

                  Do other air coolers have similar switches? My Bonneville is an 07 so it still has carbs, but I need to keep the choke out for a while when it’s under 30 out. Maybe this helps with that?

              • austin_2ride

                “There is absolutely no need for the high speed idle fake-choke switch other than nostalgia bullshit”
                “All style over function”

                Complete nonsense. Any air cooled bike even with fuel injection needs fast idle (choke) in cold weather climates.

      • mcfaite

        I just got an email from Triumph America with a link to the video, and they say: “Watch as freestyle superstar Ernie “EDUB” Vigil takes a specially modified Triumph Scrambler all the way from a hot lap to a hot date.”

  • Greg

    Rad…. love the berm blasting.

  • caferacer

    Fantastic. Probably the first Scrambler to be used as intended in the last 40 years…

  • Jesse

    Magnificent. As if I didn’t already love that bike.

  • Squid_Squidly

    Sneakers and jeans?!?! What a sqiud!

    But really, I gotta learn to dismount like that.

    • Ben

      Seeing all the berm blasting + skate shoes makes me cringe. Been there, done that, have the steel implant…

  • jpenney

    Needs more Arrow 2-1, that pipe sounds great on the scrambler.

  • Penguin

    What, No Stairway?

  • Sean Smith

    Looks like Ernie practices “when in doubt throttle out.” Awesome.

  • Scott-jay

    Heavy bikes blazing along off-road amaze me.
    Nice video.

  • Jericho7

    Ernie you ROCKED THAT SHIT OUT! The Scrambler is a SEXY BEAST with an Arrow pipe. Best date machine ever. I made a film with one recently. Here’s the teaser

    • Sean (the other one)

      i sincerely doubt ernie is going to read your comment here.

      if you think your vid is that great, email wes or grant about featuring it on the site. no one cares about your self promotion or some video you made that has nothing to do with the article written.

      take your spam somewhere else.

  • je

    MAAAAAAAAAAAAWR of the girl….

  • always_go_big

    That is what they mean by “ride it like you stole it!” freakin’ brilliant.

    Can they do a sequel vid, same run, but on a big meaty Guzzi please.

  • Peter88


  • matt

    I had a scrambler for a couple of years and it was absolutely terrifying off-road. Waaaay too heavy and the suspension is not in any way made for that environment. The bigger ruts would knock it out of gear. It was a lot of fun on the twistys however (after I replaced the terrible stock bridgestones with avon distanzias). I ended up selling it and getting a 1993 built dr350 that is much more suited to the dirt. Also came with a sumo setup!

  • Tim

    Amazing Rider.