Watch Jeremy McWilliams lap Cartagena on a KTM 690 Duke

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Light, powerful and equipped with high-end suspension, brakes and other components, it’s hard to do better than the KTM 690 Duke for a fun, accessible track tool. But KTM is going one better, equipping that bike with more power, better suspension, lighter wheels and other upgrades to create the “Track” edition. Here, former GP racer Jeremy McWilliams puts the bike through its paces at Spain’s legendary Circuito Cartegena.

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KTM 690 Duke Track upgrades include:
- KTM PowerParts: airbox, camshaft, crash bars, seat
- WP fully adjustable race suspension front and rear
- Marchesini lightweight wheels
- Brembo competition brake system and discs
- Akrapovic titanium/carbon full exhaust system
- APTC slipper clutch
- International racing standard oil drip tray and rigid foot pegs
- Lower handlebar and handlebar clamps
- Mono seat cover
- Dry weight: 140 kg (-10 kg than standard)
- Power: 79 hp (+9 hp than standard)

The bike will run a spec class that’ll support SBK races.

  • Jesse

    The only thing I don’t like about that bike is that I’m not riding it right now.

    • Jeff

      I have to sync the carbs on my naked SV this weekend.

  • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]

    Not quite sure why, but the race version actually looks cool — even though the stock 2012 looks pretty dopey to me.

    But I still like the looks of my previous-gen 690 Duke better. Especially the rear. Even though mine has a plate and blinkers, it appeals more to me, especially in comparison to the 3rd photo in the gallery above.

    • AHA

      +1 The previous Duke 690 looks next gen in comparison. Perhaps what’s most retrograde about the curent model’s look is the exhaust slung out back, old style. Whatever happened to mass centralisation?

      • szu

        Euro noise/pollution regulations killed it.

        You can actually take off second silencer and leave it like that with not much drama.

  • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]

    Why don’t the race-spec Dukes have lower-rise bars? Or clip-ons?

    • Dylan

      It says in the add ons for the track spec that it does have lower bars and bar clamps

      • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]

        Sorry, I should’ve been more clear. I meant even lower rise than what they are in the race spec. In the video, it looks like some of the riders are slightly crossed-up due to the far reach of the outside bar.

        • Dylan

          Oh in that case I completely agree. Hell I wish they would throw some plastics on it, clip ons, and call it the RC4 from the factory. Id rather have that to thrash around on mountain roads then almost anything else.

    • Scott Pargett

      Yeah, I’d love to see one with clip-ons.

  • James Dean Meyer


  • Scott-jay

    149 kg = 329 lbs.
    Seems like a bike for dirt track racing, too.

  • wwalkersd

    Maybe I’m just too old, or too unartistic, but the first 1:15 of that video struck me as an utter waste of time. Love the bike, though.

    • walter


      Let’s all just assume he checked his visor and his bros are cool with everything and show the bike on the tarmac.

    • Campisi

      One minute in: “So, forty percent of the runtime down and no riding yet…”

  • Edward

    That bike looks like a lot of fun. I love that they are tracking them with wide bars. You can see the different body styles people race with better, it’s neat.

    Also, between this and the freeride 350 KTM is killing it.

  • Isaac

    WOW! Something I wished for and dreamed up two years ago came true! THANK YOU KTM FOR LISTENING!!!!

    My 2010 690 Duke R “track bike”

  • rndholesqpeg

    So wouldn’t this bike clean up in clubman, forumula 2 and possibly LWT in WERA?

  • nymoto

    I like disco, my bike is Austrian – she likes super disco disco!

  • nymoto

    With the wide bars on the track it looks like xr1200 series here in the states. Yeah I know the bike is 10,000 times better yada yada yada , but just what it reminded me of.

  • the_doctor

    I had to turn up the bass. Not to hear the bike, mind you, but for those super groovy tunes.

  • Taco

    It’s always the bikes I can’t have that I want the most.

  • oldblue

    Beautiful looking bike and some nice footage, but the music made me want to hurt someone.

    Or grow a moustache and visit a Berlin nightclub.

  • GGno

    79 hp?? Suuuuuuure :D

  • NickK

    Why is it all these videos nowadays lead with :40 – 1:40 of boring atmospherics before you get to the point? skipping to halfway through the video is becoming SOP.

    Don’t bury the lead, videographer-marketing-guys.


  • Chris

    “- International racing standard oil drip tray and rigid foot pegs”

    I understand the drip tray, but why rigid foot pegs?