What a pro-motorcycle law looks like

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An extremely rare event, Virginia has signed a pro-motorcycle bill into law. HB 187 will prevent law enforcement officials from establishing motorcycle-only checkpoints on public roads. C. Todd Gilbert (R-Shenandoah) introduced the bill after Arlington police exclusively targeting motorcycles for safety inspections during a POW/MIA ride. “If officials are really concerned about motorcyclists’ safety, then they need to stop discriminating against us with these checkpoints and start supporting programs that prevent motorcycle crashes, such as rider safety training and driver awareness programs,” stated the AMA’s Rick Podliska.

  • Chris

    Thats awesome. I wish we’d get a similar law here in TX.

    A few years back when gas prices first jumped up, the police force here in Austin sought out motorcycles & scooters looking for uninsured & unlicensed folks riding. They realized that ridership would increase due to increased fuel costs, and that meant that they could write more tickets. It was a hassle riding that summer.

  • Holden and Annette

    Woo hoo!

    How about a law that makes it a felony to text while driving within 1,500 feet of a motorcycle that’s in motion?

    • BMW11GS

      Or have a smart phone out!

    • Daniel

      Or pull people over for no reason.

    • je

      .. or drive a yellow vehicle.

      • BMW11GS

        haha all good

    • Dani Peral

      In Spain (and most Europe i guess) it is illegal to talk to your cell phone, texting, or even operate your GPS device while driving. Getting caught means 300eur and -3points on your license…and you have 15 points at most.

      Oh i think it is also illegal to jerk off while driving here, you get the same penalty…we take driving distractions very seriously!!

  • pplassm

    A rare bright moment for motorcyclists here in VA.

    Still cannot ride side-by-side, however. Two guys were recently ticketed for stopping next to each other at a stop light. Reckless driving, no less!

  • Roman

    Stuff like this is nice, but legalized lane-splitting and free downtown parking would be game changers. Various industries lobby for everything under the sun, where the hell is the motorcycle industry on this?

    • Mike

      Keep on dreaming about free parking in these days of reduced revenues, but it does boggle my mind that Calif is still the only state where lane splitting is legal.
      I couldn’t possibly imagine not being able to filter.

      • contender

        I can’t understand why this is an issue the AMA avoids. It gives me serious pause before I re-up each year. I want to leave California, but the thought of being unable to filter makes me shudder.

        • Gene

          Me too. Between their “anti helmet law to the exclusion of everything else” attitude and this…

          • pplassm

            Gene, that’s absolutely not true.

          • Mike

            Don’t forget the Loud Pipe Lobby.

            • pplassm

              You guys know nothing about what the AMA does.

      • RT Moto

        use that “only state where lane splitting is legal” carefully. it still comes down to the cop. i’ve been pulled over before for it and was told it is only to be done in a safe manner. then he stated it’s not safe no matter the conditions so to not do it or he would ticket me. he wrote me a citation for reflectors instead… idiot.

    • Myles

      There’s free motorcycle parking many places in both Arlington and The District Proper already.

      Also, lane-splitting/filtering is not prohibited in The District.

      I know this doesn’t apply to the whole state, but I live in VA (two-up, two-down) and have these things already. Game didn’t change; still the same shit, bruh.

  • Todd

    Virginia Police saw the ticket money lining their pockets on checkpoints during that POW/MIA ride. It’s bad enough they corral them like sheep at the Pentagon now.

    On a related note, the Utah State Police other local police depts a couple years ago decided to put a motorcycle only “education” checkpoint outside Miller Motorsports Park when everyone was leaving after the race. It caused a major backup and media coverage. It was stopped after two hours. At one point, they claimed it wasn’t mandatory for a motorcycle to pull over in the checkpoint. When have you ever seen a voluntary checkpoint? Maybe a charity car wash.

  • RSassi

    Is is true that Virginia has the highest rate of motorcycle accident deaths in the country?

  • http://www.racetrackstyle.com Racetrack Style

    RE: cell phone use

    Legislation & law enforcement can only go so far, especially when some states haven’t even acknowledged the consequences of driving while talking/texting.

    Ford promotes their vehicle’s ability to inter-face with the driver as a selling point. What if they advertised the willingness to work with cell providers to develop tech that locates a cell phone in relation to the driver and render the phone’s text/voice functions inactive while in motion? e.g. passenger airbag is off so no one is in that seat & GPS points reveal vehicle is in motion.

    OEMs look to safety as a major selling point.

  • D Rog

    VA is a big “law and order” state and rarely finds a police action they don’t like. I’ve been pulled over there on a few groups rides years ago just so the cops could check tags and licences, the trooper would even say “we received word there were motorcycles riding recklessly” even though they didn’t notice us doing anything wrong everyone would get pulled over. No more rt 211 in VA for me, head out to WV where there seriously isn’t a cop in sight. Peace out VA!

  • http://www.ninja250blog.com R.Sallee (Ninja 250)

    We’re celebrating a law that lets police pull over vehicles to “inspect them”? It doesn’t even exempt motorcycles, just says they can’t be targeted.

    I get that they’re addressing an abuse of another law, but the law itself was a problem, not just the perversion of it.

    The only laws that are pro-anything are deleted laws.