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Back in February, Grant and I flew up to Portland to party with Thor Drake, Drake McElroy, Roland Sands and a bunch of other friends. It was The One Show, a bike show for people that don’t need to pay to see girls in tight shorts and don’t have much use for plastic. Now, here’s video and photos from the show. See if you can tell which one of the interviewees wanted to be Grant’s boyfriend the mostest.

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  • Scott-jay

    Looks like fun.
    “… which one of the interviewees wanted to be Grant’s boyfriend …”. duh: Roland (hair style, jacket & everything).
    Beer can bike is creepy tho’.

  • DavidMG

    I never want to be at a party where pabst is consumed in such quantities. Ironically or not.

    Strange show. But definitely much more interesting than your typical motorcycle show.

    • EricP

      esp in Portland where real, man’s man beer is so abundant. Pics like that really are a caricature of pretentious hipster culture and I couldn’t be more turned off by it.

      • Grant Ray

        Relax, you elitist beverage snobs. The local beers were on tap or in bottles and nobody was acting like a pretentious (past sale-by date) hipster except for me. Wes, on the other hand, was merely a pretentious (aging) hipster.

        • Ben

          I too acknowledge myself as a beer snob, but I can’t abandon my frugal side. In my fridge at the moment is an Allagash Black and what’s left of a case of PBR. I can think of far worse fizzy yellow beers than Pabst.

          Oh, and thanks for sharing this video. Inspiring.

    • jpenney

      Yeah, PBR’s cheap and kinda plain as far as beer goes. However, they got out there and bought ads in magazines like Tape Op and did promotion for bands. They did a great job of ingraining product in the market of the younger creatives and taste makers and it worked both ways.

      Bands got cheap (or free if they picked up a sponsorship) beer. The beer got exposure. Kind of a win-win for all involved. A lot of venues have free PBR for the bands that are playing. It’s hard to beat that!

      If I want to sit down and have a beer experience … there are a lot of beers in the world. If I want to stock a party with cost effective drinkable beer, you can bet PBR is on the menu.

      • Mark D [EX500]

        Wow, you got Tape Op in my Hell For Leather. The circle is complete.

        And yes, most of the PBR-is-cool idea stems from the facts that they give free cases to musicians at shows. And everybody wants to look like the cool musicians, so everybody drinks PBR. Its better than Bud Light.

        • Campisi

          Y’all are spoiled anyway. The best beer around here is Hite (“Clean & Pure!”) and Blackbeer Stout Lager Type (From German Dark Roasted Malt).

          … Hite really isn’t all that terrible, though. It’s better than Natural Light.

  • TuffGong

    Would have been a blast to be there….have to join in the “WTF” on the nasty ass PBR….

    • stempere

      If memory serves (but i did just down a few beers myself -Pelforth de Printemps-) there was some sort of contest and the last person able to wedge a beer on the bike won something (a bell helmet or something RSD maybe, can’t remember).

      This was supposed to be in response to Scott-jay, i guess i’m really pissed, oh well

      • Sarah

        Got a case of Pelforth in the barn at Verneuil
        right now, and I’m Wes’s Dad!!! C’est la vie….. Oh, and I’m Ken. not Sarah

  • AHA

    Fun and cool looking show. London should have one too.

    You know you guys got it right if the only arguments afterwards are about the beer.

  • JOEL

    Wait, so the normal dudes drinking cheap beer are pretentious hipsters… Not the guys getting all up in arms about what beer was available at a moto show. Hmmm.

    • Richard


  • Campisi

    Oh hey, it’s that show that my lovely boss at the time refused to give me time off for despite asking for it two weeks in advance. Missed the show, don’t miss the job.

    My favorite might have to be that Honda made to look like an early board track racer. That spindly, elemental look combined with fine detailed metalwork, a single saddle, and a purposeful riding position just does it for me.

  • whoisthor

    its a good show for people who like motorcycles and the surrounding culture.
    Think of pbr as a semi-synthetic lube, costs a little less, but does the job just fine at a cheaper price.(may make you back fire a bit in the morning)

  • Groomez

    So many comments about beer more than motorcycles. lol

    I wish there would be a show like this around the Carolinas (or hell somewhere in the south), but everyone seems preconditioned to massive dealer shows and Harley dyno days.

    I feel the gravity of the west pulling me in more and more everyday.