An electronically adjustable pillion seat and some random motorcycle from Italy

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This is the new Moto Morini Rebello 1200 Giubileo. Say that while gesticulating wildly and it’ll sound much better. Why should you care? Well, they’re only making 600 of them and it’s essentially the same as all those other Moto Morini models they made a few years ago before going bankrupt, so there’s really no reason to. Oh, except the super neat, electronically adjusting pillion seat cover. When you’re solo, it slides forward for a monoposto configuration. Pick up a girl? Impress her by pushing a button to slide the cover to the rear, forming a handy storage area for her purse. Neato.

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Like literally every other Moto Morini in the now not-bankrupt range (Corsaro Veloce, the Granpasso and the Scrambler), the Rebello uses a 1,200cc, liquid-cooled v-twin making 130bhp and weighs 197kg (wet). Yeah, we’d just buy a Speed Triple with a warranty and parts and dealers and American availability too. If you are, for some reason, a rare Italian bike masochist residing in the EU, you can bid on one of the 600 online. Good luck with that.

The point of the electrically sliding pillion seat cover? Well, it’s an electronically sliding pillion seat cover! Yeah.

  • Alex

    Okay, that’s pretty cool.

    Very nice looking bike too. Even if it wasn’t motorized this would be a cool concept. Only way this could be better is if you could fold those passenger pegs to be flush with the tail.

  • the_doctor

    Neato indeed. I bet there are actually a fair amount of rare Italian bike masochists around to snap all of these up.

  • 10/10ths

    I can’t help but dig it.

    • BigRooster

      Agree 100%. Not knowing what this would cost, not that it matters, but in my dream garage I’d make room for her.

  • BMW11GS

    I have to love moto morini. Too bad others cant seem to more.

  • JVictor75

    Didn’t Harley do something similiar with the Rocker-C? A hideaway pillion so you could look cool riding by yourself and then only reveal the passenger seat when you needed it?

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t the motorized system add a bunch of unneeded weight?

    Don’t get me wrong, the one and only Moto Morini I’ve ever even seen in real life was a beautiful machine*. This one is not it.

    (Google image search reveals it have possibly been a Corsaro Veloce. The owner, a friend of a friend here in the Phoenix metro area that specializes in Italian motorcycle tuning/repair tells a harrowing tale of buying it from someone in Europe and then having it smuggled into CONUS piece by piece. I believe that the owner told me that it took him some 18 months, start to finish, to get the bike running and registered here in the US from the time he purchased it.)

  • tomwito

    Next month after you get a test ride there will be an article about why this is the best bike the world has seen yet. Like after you dismissed the 2012 V-Strom as boring and lame, a few months later (after actually riding it), what do ya know? It’s a pretty good bike. I have noticed this quite a bit here.

    • Campisi

      They still concluded that it was boring and lame, though, mentioning at the end something to the effect of moving on to the next motorcycle with nary a whimper. “Good in a Camry sort of way” isn’t a ringing endorsement in my ears.

      • tomwito

        Except that they call it “The best motorcycle you’ll ever ride” in the title. Sounds like a fairly good endorsement to me. And it wasn’t the first bike they bashed before riding it and changing their tune. I do it too, but I’m not a journalist. Just an observation, I love the site. Thats why I pay to read it.

        • Campisi

          The Camry is in many ways and for many people the best car they’ll ever drive. The point was that it is still boring despite this, and that there are many more interesting options. I’ll sing the praises of the Camry and the V-Strom all day long, but will I buy one? Hell no, I prefer zest to objective perfection.

          I’ve always gotten the impression that HFL finds the V-Strom a bit boring. After riding one, they pretty much said the same thing.

        • BigRooster

          No, they actually wrote:

          “Why you don’t want the best motorcycle you’ll ever ride”

          Not exactly the same – they tell you in the headline that YOU DONT WANT IT. Not exactly ringing praise.

          • BMW11GS

            But really what does it matter what they say? They are just a few dudes who have some really specific tastes. I like some and not others, they are hardly the authority on taste.

            • tomwito

              “I hated the SuperTen when I first rode it. There, I said it. Coming off the essentially perfect V-Strom 650 about a month ago”.

              Did you read the Death Valley article? You guys must not get what I’m trying to say. And like I said before I love the site thats why I give them my money. But when I see contradictory stuff I comment about it. Jeez, calm down.

  • TuffGong

    Certainly a beautiful machine. The nice thing about such (presumably)expensive exotica is that people tend to take good care of them and not thrash them stunting through the woods or parking lots or hack them up turning them into whatever their minds conceive as improvements. They are appreciated for what they are(at least by those who own them)and coveted and protected from the actions of the rabble. Ride it and love it….

  • dux [87 CBR600, 95 XR600R]

    Awesome video, I wish them all the best.

  • Brede Howard


    • Rick


  • Campisi

    It may be crap… but it’s rare Italian crap. They’ll sell every single one of them.

  • filly-fuzz

    That bike looks Tits!
    bet it sounds nice too.

  • stempere

    The 1200cc wasn’t always 130bhp, they tuned it to 120bhp in the corsaro avio and the scrambler and it was around 145 in the top of the line corsaro veloce (that came with a race ECU and termignoni slip-ons and other nicer parts like an adjustable öhlins shock) that i had the pleasure of owning for about two years before some asshole stole it.
    It’s a shame it isn’t avalaible in the US because believe me, after trying a bike with that engine, you whouldn’t knock it so quickly. It was easier to handle and cheaper than a SF1099 and not so serious, not a naked race bike, just the most fun big roadster i ever rode.

    I have to say i was pretty skeptical of the anticipated “new bike” but this is pretty cool.

    • stempere

      Also, it’s not a real auction. You just have to buy a reservation ticket for 500€ (or more) and in the folowing 48 hours the sell is completed or if it’s not you get your money back. The process is explained on their site.

      It’s 13 900€, including VAT +200€ to have it delivered at your MM seller.
      And for some reason the warranty is now 2 years and not 3 like before.

  • Scott-jay

    Good lookin’.
    Exhaust outlet & its under-slug ‘box’ among many cool details.
    Imagine dropping it and busting engine side cover. How long would one wait for that part?

  • robotribe


    …an arguably better looking, bigger engined Diavel with purse storage. Got it.

    • JVictor75

      I am going to have to register my dissent on that “arguably better looking” part, robo.

      Also, the Diavel specifications I’m looking at say that it makes 162 bhp out of a liquid cooled 1200cc L-twin. How is this a “bigger engined Diavel with purse storage?”

      • robotribe

        I stand [embarrasingly] corrected on the displacement, but I do stand by the “better looking” in that it looks more approachable without the stylistic extremes and hybrid geometry that the Diavel seems to embrace. I doubt few if any will be confused and question if this is a roadster OR a cruiser.