Dead animals, drinks, vintage Triumphs and Drake McElroy in Sao Paolo

Dailies -



Sao Paulo is one of the many places I really, really want to go, but haven’t had a chance yet. Luckily, FMX judge/athlete Drake McElroy can make us feel like we’re there. Being an X-Fighters judge doesn’t look so bad, does it?

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  • Guilherme

    Friends over here keep saying that’s not the most accurate rendition of SP, but that’s not even the point anyway.
    And Z Carniceria is an awesome place.

  • Filipe

    i really dig this show, but i’m a little disappointed with this depiction of SP (though to be fair a megalopolis such as this is multifaceted to say the least).

    they could have at least ridden with or talked about the ubiquitous motoboys, or motorcycle messengers, who risk their lives riding like maniacs through the insane traffic, instead of riding with those douchenozzles with the silly american customs… just sayin’

    • Guilherme

      next episode, dude.

      and I agree 100% on the silly american customs part.

      • Filipe

        Ah, fair enough… forgot it was two episodes per city

      • Filipe

        with the inevitable i’m-such-a-rebel-i’m-flicking-off-the-camera move

  • Scott-jay

    Drake seems a bit road-weary.