Mick Doohan’s big bang and other motorcycle art

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To create this homage to the era of Mick Doohan GP domination, Australian artist Eamon O’Toole created an exact replica of the “big bang” NSR500 from period photos and magazine articles, before deconstructing it and suspending it inside Brisbane’s Ipswich Art Gallery. It’s the centerpiece of an exhibition entitled “Revhead” which whimsically explores the man’s greasier obsessions.

“Revhead pays homage to many iconic machines of speed which O’Toole has painstakingly recreated as full-scale replicas handcrafted from plastic, aluminium and paint,” reads the official blurb. “Included are fan favourites such as Wayne Gardner’s world championship Honda NSR500 motorbike, Ayrton Senna’s McLaren Formula 1 car as well as an Australian workhorse – the Ute.”

“Continuing the Australian tradition of ‘making do’, O’Toole approaches his work with the enthusiasm of a backyard inventor, and creatively problem solves by handcrafting materials into highly detailed artworks that are sure to appeal to both the motorsports enthusiast and the backyard tinkerer.”

Recreating such iconically precise objects in a crude, hand-drawn manner juxtaposes the efficient perfection of the original objects with a rougher, human aesthetic, reminding viewers that the originals are, in fact, the product of human ingenuity. “Big Bang” in particular, is one of the few motorsports-influenced art pieces that I’ve ever truly lusted after.

Ipswich Gallery via Visordown and Motorsports Retro

  • JMcMahon

    Nice work! That’s crazy, it’s like a full scale illustration.

    On a related note. Did anyone see Mick during the Gp this weekend? The cameras cut to him watching the monitors. He looked so bored.

    • http://mansgottado.tumblr.com/ Andy Gregory

      Yeah I saw him, replacing Adriana in Casey’s garage while she tends to baby in Switzerland. Maybe her not being there is why Casey got such bad arm pump. Hiyoooooooooooooo!

      He did look a little bored.

  • http://mansgottado.tumblr.com/ Andy Gregory

    This is impressive and beautiful stuff, would love to see it in person.

  • Josh

    Nice to see a news article on this site from my part of the world. I might go check this out! Thanks :)

  • http://www.postpixel.com.au mugget

    Well hot damn!! Thanks for the heads up – I am going to check this out before the exhibition closes.

  • jc_thorn

    Sounds promising, going to check it out this weekend hopefully.

  • oldblue

    And me with no trips to QLD planned. Hope this is a traveling exhibition….