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Need to advertise speed? What better way than by associating your technically obtuse product with a vehicle intrinsically associated with performance by every man, woman and child? That’s what T-Mobile did in this new ad for its not-really-4G network. It’s made all the better by putting the T-Mobile girl, Carly Foulkes on the bike in full safety gear and making sure her sex appeal is used in an empowering way. Empowering like high-speed cell networks, get it?

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via Mans Gotta Do

  • Greg Fagan

    Did they just mix every sound they think motorcycle engines make together at the end?

    • DavidMG

      Seems that way.

      Still hot though…

      • BMW11GS

        hahahah, I thought the same thing. I need a little more dry clutch rattle though.

      • Dr. Gellar


        What a difference a black and pink leather riding suit and a slightly tougher attitude make to boost Carly Foulkes sexiness! I like her MUCH better this way… :-)

    • PenguinScotty

      That is one thing that makes me go ape-shit in every single movie/tv show/ad nowadays. WHY YOU GOTTA DUB THAT!?!?


      • http://mansgottado.tumblr.com/ Andy Gregory

        My buddies and I have always laughed at these inconsistencies in media utilizing motorcycles. Sportbikes that sound like Harleys, twins that sound like inline 4′s, etc. We used to wonder if we could start a Hollywood motorcycle consultation company. A lot of filmmakers go a long way for authenticity and consistency and then don’t give a damn about something as simple as matching a motorcycle sound to a bike. Just another thing that I bet most of the general non-motorcycling public never thinks about. And maybe that’s the point, to most people, motorcycle sound is motorcycle sound, so these sound people just figure “throw a generic harley/crotch rocket sound in there and call it good.”

        • Greg Fagan

          When Ducati pays for product placement in film, they usually get it right. “Yes Man” (Hypermotard), “Inception” (Streetfighter), and “Tron: Legacy” (Sport 1000) all had it correct.

          edit: don’t think “Inception” was paid placement; the sounds are correct but Ducati’s badge doesn’t appear anywhere. Also the rider gets mega creamed by a car :(

          • PenguinScotty

            One Ducati moment comes to mind. It’s/was a show with the other Buffy the Vampire slayer chick, that is essentially trainable to be any personality she needs to be. I kind of forgot the name (Never watched it), but if i remember correctly, they were using 1098s and dubbing inline 4s over it. Let me see if i can find it…

            • Greg Fagan

              It was the pilot episode of Dollhouse with Eliza Dushku. The bikes were actually 848s IIRC, but yes I remember it. The scene is silly because the stunt rider forces a low side with the rear brake, and then the rider takes off her helmet, revealing the protagonist. She then gets back on the bike and races off.

              • Bronson

                link please

        • Greg Fagan

          ugh just watched the scene from “Yes Man” and it’s an i-4 sound there too. so I take it back :(

          • Dylan

            Just had to watch the scene again too. Disappointed that all of the sound is clearly an Inline. Not even a shred of glorious Ducati noise

        • James

          As a musician, I feel the same way when tv/movie sound designers sonically represent all of Latin America with New York salsa music.

          • http://www.lgdm.fr stempere

            Feel for us poor french my friend. All we ever get is fucking accordeon sounds.
            This is fucking 2012, Daft Punk are fucking french! Accordeon? Seriously?

            • doublet

              lol! I can see the eiffel tower, the beret, bread and bottles of wine now as I hear a joyful accordion in my head..

        • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]

          Some years ago, I was tasked with recording the sound of a Monster S2R 1000 for a Mazda commercial. The contract from the ad agency stipulated that the sound effect had to be the exact Ducati model — that no substitutes would be accepted.

          When I saw the final commercial, the sound of the Monster had been so altered that I could no longer recognize it. The recording had been pitched up and the characteristic rattle of the dry clutch could no longer be heard. I asked the mix engineer if he had used what I had sent him, and he replied that he had employed various plug-ins to make the motorcycle sound beefier (or something to that effect).

          Funny thing is — after the commercial aired, I saw on a popular Ducati forum various posts discussing that TV commercial, and how the sound was most definitely not that of a Ducati.

          • doublet

            Oh! So they’re just typical idiots then who can’t [i]appreciate[/i] the difference between anything other than an I4 or V-twin.. But now I’m curious.. what mazda commercial specifically needed the sound of a Monster S2R 1000?

            • Fizzy Fox

              They’re not “idiots” they probably realized that the “real” sound wasn’t going to cut through the mix or stand out enough. The SFX probably got tweaked in the final mix. I’m guessing to give it more low end with a bit of high end to cut through.

    • http://twitter.com/metabomber Jesse

      VROOM BLAAT MEOW, indeed.

    • Fizzy Fox

      As an editor of promos and film trailers, I can tell you that you are correct. Producers don’t care about “real” they just want it to sound “cool”.

      I’m guessing the actual Duck SFX didn’t sound tough enough for their concept. They ain’t makin’ documentaries, people.

  • Groomez

    Inline 4 and a v twin? lol

  • caferacer

    There was a motorcycle?

  • Gene

    For once I was hoping for tank-top and tiny shorts… agh! I’m so conflicted here!

    • Sean

      Hey, at least she’s ATGATT.

      • http://twitter.com/metabomber Jesse

        All The Gorgeous And The Tough

  • Scott-jay

    Now there’s a leather suit that presents beautiful natural padding.

  • http://cynic13th.livejournal.com/ cynic

    I love motorcycles and hot girls…

    Best things in life.

    • Fizzy Fox

      Don’t you mean “breast” things in life?

  • jason

    Hey: KR Tong: this is not that kind of site. HFL is better that that, and deserves better language.

    • James


    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      I agree, comment deleted.

      • zipp4

        Now I just want to know what it said…

        • BigRooster

          me too

        • Wilbur

          Damn it, me too…

        • ike6116

          Nothing interesting or provocative just crude, he said what he’d like to do to the t-mobile spokeswoman very graphically.

          • http://respectthetrade.tumblr.com/ KR Tong

            That’s not what i said but ok. I just said what the marketing department at T-Mobile was thinking.

  • rohorn

    I always mistakenly thought that the way to get the latest cell phone was for vaguely animate basement life form to verbally abuse upstairs mommy into going out and getting one next time she goes to the 7-11 to get lottery tickets, corn dogs, and beer.

    Now that I’ve seen this (many times, just to be sure), I’m all cleared up on the matter!

  • Gene

    Of course this still doesn’t change the fact that T-Mobile customer service is crap, probably even worse than AT&T. I guess they must be really hurting to go this spectacular in their ads.

    • noone1569
      • Gene

        Sorry, I’m speaking from personal experience. I treated my Samsung flip-phone like gold, and when it died, they insisted it was water damaged and I got to eat $180. Someone later sued and won because you could leave a phone anywhere in Florida that wasn’t air-conditioned, and the humidity would trigger the water labels.

    • Kirill

      The main reason they’re hurting is they weren’t willing to bend over for Apple to get the iPhone.

    • BigRooster

      While I was a long time customer (from the VoiceStream days), I never had any problems with T-Mobile customer service. I left because, at the time, they only offered lame handsets compared to the competition.

      Cool comercial. From a boner perspective, I didnt think much of this brod, however tight leather can change one’s initial impressions.

  • doublet



    Trite commercial sexism be damned. I love her.

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