The man who jumps Laverdas

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Remember that great little mini-doc on Philadelphia’s Liberty Vintage Motorcycles? The same filmmaker, Andrew David Watson, just made another about Louis “Rocket” Re, the only Daredevil in America doing multi-bus jumps aboard a stock, vintage Laverda. Turns out, that’s not as crazy as it sounds.

  • Chris Davis

    Early in my career in the industry I was at a trade show and there was one of Evel’s bikes sitting inconspicuously in a corner. I gave it a look over, really only appreciative of its style. As I turned to leave it behind an older guy said out loud, and to no one in particular, “It takes man to jump a bike like that.” I turned back to look at it. I checked out the relatively miniscule suspension travel and I realized that no one has matched Evel Knievel until they’ve jumped his bike.

  • michael uhlarik

    Somewhere in the Treveneto, Piero and the other retired Laveristi are chuckling. Watching that SF750 plow into the exit ramp at the end of the jump I thought ‘its a good thing Laverda built their bikes like they built their tractors.’


  • Coreyvwc

    Damn, you got me all excited thinking it was going to be a Laverda two stroke scooter…

  • Toby

    Beautifully shot footage of everything EXCEPT the jumps…

  • nymoto

    That was cool

  • dux [87 CBR600, 95 XR600R]


  • Denzel

    Cool design on the credits too…

    • stempere

      Caught my attention too, pretty nice.

      On another topic, guys, weren’t we supposed to get a new episode of Ride Appart this week?