Valentino Rossi’s Ferrari 458 Italia

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When former Champ Valentino Rossi isn’t losing races on a Ducati, he’s losing them in this Ferrari 458 Italia. Racing this weekend in the Blancpain Endurance GT3 class at Monza, Rossi and hetero life partner Uccio finished 18 in a field of 55 drivers, completing the two hour race a little over two minutes behind the winning BMW Z4.

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Rossi and Uccio’s Ferrari performance wasn’t quite as bad as the one at Qatar two weeks ago. After qualifying 10th, the pair dropped to 29th when Uccio got stuck behind a slower car he was attempting to lap. Hopping in the car for the final session, Rossi made up 11 places in the final seven minutes.

Rossi chatting to Fiat heir and noted transvestite Lapo Elkann.

It’s also noteworthy how much better Rossi’s lurid color schemes work on this Ferrari’s matte black background than they do clashing with Ducati red.

28 photos of Rossi’s Ferrari 458 GT3 in this gallery.

  • Jon B.

    Lapo is wild.

  • robotribe

    “…isn’t losing races on a Ducati, he’s losing them in this Ferrari 458 Italia.”


  • the_doctor

    I am no fan of Ferrari, but I do really like the stickers and geegaws on this one.

  • TuffGong

    18th out of 55 cars is a fine effort in what is essentially a moonlighting effort. I think there is little doubt Vale will be behind the wheel more and more in the coming years.

  • jeremy

    Good one liners in this one

  • Justin

    what’s with the references to sexuality?

    • Coreyvwc

      You can’t humorously mention Valentino and Uccio without that reference, pretty much…

    • mugget

      Also don’t forget about the “WLF” that Rossi has on his leathers.

      So anytime you wonder what’s with all the references to sex/sexuality when talking about Rossi – just remember that he started it!

  • Campisi

    … Rossi and hetero life partner Uccio…

    Dude’s gotta have a wing man.

  • Chris Davis

    Dainese would do well to turn that car’s graphics into a suit.

    • RT Moto

      I was thinking the same thing. Looks sick.

  • Anders

    Rossi hanging out with Lapo doesn’t bode well for the next MotoGP race, or maybe its just what he needs

  • austin_2ride

    Since Volkswagen owns Lamborghini and now owns Ducati, will we now see Rossi in a race prepared Lamborghini instead of a Ferrari?

    • Jesse

      Race prepared Golf. *nods sagely*