Watch a Triumph Street Triple get very, very dirty

Dailies -



What happens when you take a Triumph Street Triple stunt bike, complete with cage and short gearing and fit it with knobbies? Good things happen. Very good things.

Thanks for the tips, everyone.

  • R.Sallee (Ninja 250)

    Mental. So, perfect.

  • Courtney

    Sick!!! Nice.

  • David

    See – this is why we have access problems. Riding a too-heavy bike on wet trails with too much throttle. Look at that erosion!

    Kidding – mostly. That was pretty sweet, and private land I’m guessing. Looked hella fun.

  • dux [87 CBR600, 95 XR600R]

    I would have ridden that to the trail! Trailering is for wusses.

  • ike6116

    Shit was awesome, also HFL <3 Icon conspiracy continues.

  • Gene

    Hahahahahaha! the guys with the rope at the end pulling the bike out! Aw gawd, my spleen, I’m laughing so hard!

    • Tim

      It does not look like they are pulling the bike out to me. My guess is a tight line to run a camera dolly on.

  • jonoabq

    oh hell yes

  • Campisi

    Street Triples look better covered in mud.

  • Mr.Paynter

    Now I waqnt 2 Street Triples…
    Thanks Guys…

    **Checks wallet for change for lottery ticket.

  • TuffGong

    Moto-Masturbation,(however skillfully performed)I saw a chicken play TicTacToe once in Memphis…

  • Filipe

    this is like the 10th non-dirtbike-doing-dirt thing I’ve seen on HFL this month… what gives?

  • pplassm

    Yay. More Disco music!

  • Mike

    The last time I heard anyone ask about a crash cage for a Monster, they were summarily Internet-executed, but knobbies are on the way.

  • rohorn

    I want to see more of that Icon ad with Survival Dude holding a rifle – with the lens covers still on the scope…

  • JVictor75

    Le sigh… Work internet will not allow video watching, home internet no worky (thanks very much Cox Cable).

    I have a good imagination, anybody care to describe it to me? Scene by scene? … No?


    Le sigh.

    • Jesse

      Three minutes of Street Triple sounds and dirt roosting. A couple of jumps, some wheelies and highchair drifts in dirt, a relatively gentle highside into the scrub in jeans and engineer boots.

      And a heck of a dirty bike at the end of the day. All things considered? Really fun.

  • Kyle

    apparently you can take a really girly song and make it hardcore by dropping some dirty basslines and dubstepping the shit out of it.

  • Chris F


  • Tommy

    I love that motorcycles have gone the way of skateboarding and bmx and there are sweet edits coming out regularly.

    • pplassm

      Really? Go out and ride.

      • Wereweazle

        Can’t say I mind being able to see some moto content that isn’t some dude’s camera held out to the side as the wind rapes the mic.

    • Troy R

      I completely agree with Tommy. It’s an artform.

  • Troy R

    OMG this is sex. I love it.

  • skadamo

    Nice! Kinda lost me when he started stunting tho. Love big bikes in the dirt. Great vid!