Watch Chip Yates talk to PBS about electric airplanes

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Last year, Chip Yates changed the motorcycle world, becoming the first-ever electric bike racer to beat ICE at its own game. What’s next? Oh, just forever altering the aviation landscape. Chip’s a humble dude, here he is talking to PBS about where he’s been and where the world is going through him.

Photo: Grant Ray

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  • protomech

    “Chip’s a humble dude”

    lol. : )

    He certainly puts his money where his mouth is.

  • michael uhlarik

    I love this guy.

    The Rutan Vari-EZ is an outstanding choice of airframe, too.

    • rohorn

      This project is going to be fun to follow.

  • Noah

    Outstanding! Thanks for sharing.

  • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]

    Every since I started flying electric radio-controlled planes, I’ve been dreaming of piloting a full-size electric airplane. Two years ago, I read about this one:

    I love flying hang-gliders, but I’m looking forward to earning my pilot’s license sometime in the next few years — kinda like how my love for bicycling eventually carried over to motorcycling too.

  • doublet

    Man.. I just worry. “I didn’t know you were a pilot” “I’m not!” An electric powered experimental aircraft isn’t quite the way to go.. I don’t know what kind of sanctions one needs to get from the FAA to undertake an endeavour like this either.

    What’s interesting is that he’s replacing an engine that hasn’t had any major improvement in 60 years! ..and still runs on leaded gasoline