Watch supermoto at 300fps

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Supermoto is a unique sport, combining the practice of dirt with the physics of street. That means extreme lean angles at the same time as huge slides. Here, a Red Epic-X is used to slow it down to 300fps, which manages to communicate what’s actually going on much more effectively.

  • perizoqui

    Good stuff. Wish they’d let us listen to the engines rather than always dubbing these things over with crappy “music”.

    • David Vuilleumier

      Well during the slow motion the original audio might not sound very good anymore…

      • PenguinScotty

        Indeed. You’re looking at, i don’t know, less than 1 combustion stroke per second. Would sound like a big fart :)

        • perizoqui

          Good point, still a fart would be an improvement.

  • Andres Freire

    That was cool!

  • scottydigital

    OK, must go ride now.

  • Campisi

    I’m always surprised how well they manage in the dirt sections with those tires.

  • PenguinScotty

    SuperMoto is still one of the funnest thing to do on a bike. If you haven’t tried it, do it. Get a cheap dirtbike or go to a SuperMoto school. Worth every penny. No matter if you’re a Street or dirt rider, it’ll be a blast!

    Thanks for sharing guys!

    • Devin

      I am going to buy a small enduro this fall or next year, to put around or hit gravel trails /roads. My main bike is set for two-up and I miss having a small lightweight bike for single use.

      Getting sideways and everything looks like a blast, but something tells me there’s no easy way to learn that.

      • PenguinScotty

        It comes naturally the faster you go, you’ll see. :)

  • Scott-jay

    Watch drive chain tension; it trails, it flops, and it drives.

  • Dylan

    Cannot wait to get my supermoto. Looks like some of the most fun you can have on two wheels. Plus around town it’ll soak up all those potholes and bumps…plus the added fun of jumping curbs hehe. And with my local kart track only charging $60 a trackday/or race I’ll be able to go there 3 times for the price of a trackday at the nearest tracks.

    • Ratlanta

      You mean you don’t jump curbs on your regular bike??? I thought everyone did.

  • Philip

    SUPERMOTO! When your balls are too big to fit on a sport bike!

  • Keith

    That was very cool to see! Thanks for posting it.
    By the look of the chain when “backing ” the bike into the corner, I gather they are modulating the brake pedal to get the back wheel to break loose but not lock up.
    My first thought was that you brake then throttle on to break traction but the chain says otherwise.
    Have I got that right?

  • Joey

    I love the use of the clutch right around 151. He is trying to get the power down and get it out of the corner with minimal wheel spin… Great stuff!