Your chance to beat us at a flat track race

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Flat track racing is awesome, affordable and accessible. But, this Saturday in Ventura, California, it’s going to be more awesome, affordable and accessible than usual. Iron and Resin is organizing a true Run Whatcha’ Brung class at Ventura Raceway, that’s literally open to any bike (or moped or scooter or whatever) and any rider, for just $45. We’ll be there and so should you. Heck, even if you don’t want to get your bike all dirty, come watch. I can personally guarantee crashing; I’ll be doing the racing. Details here.

  • Cockroach

    Sounds great. But I wish you’d mentioned it sooner. The $45 is for registering before April 9th, no?

  • BMW11GS

    Ahh ill be out of town this weekend! next time

  • Devin

    Warning: There are NSFW images on the “Details here” link.

    • Grant Ray

      Marilyn Monroe’s DDetails are always safe for work.

  • Bryan Whitney

    Anyone riding up?

  • fasterfaster

    Iron & Resin is my new favoritest site on the internet. Fucking. Awesome.

    • Campisi

      It gets so much better with The Doors playing in the background, too.

  • the_doctor

    Racing the Zero DS?

    • BigRooster

      The Silent Assassin FTW

  • Andy Gregory

    Sounds awesome, wish I was down there for this. I trust you’ll be documenting for those of us not in SoCal.

  • Scott-jay

    THIS is a good idea.

  • Fizzy Fox

    Goddammit. Too late to register. I may just show up to watch anyway.

    • Grant Ray

      You can totally still register, just not for the early entrance fee. Go here.

      • stempere

        What does “Outlaw rules apply” mean?

      • Fizzy Fox


        I was using that as an excuse not to actually race. I’m too much of a coward! :-)

  • contender

    Someone needs to have a flat track school like the SoCal Supermoto guys do for supermotard. This sounds all the way rad. The LB Grand Prix is this weekend, but I make a future event.

    • Andy Gregory

      I believe there’s a few but I’ve heard very good things about this one, although there’s not many dates/locations on the calendar this year:

      Of course there’s always Colin Edwards’ Texas Tornado Boot Camp as well, not sure how much flat track time is actually involved and you’ll pay more, but you’ll also get to shoot guns and eat BBQ with Colin Edwards.

    • Gary Inman

      There is also the Ride Academy – flat track school
      Their instructors include the GNC number 1, Jake Johnson,; former GNC champs, Jared Mees and Kenny Coolbeth and 2012 Daytona short Track winner, Johnny Lewis. G

    • GoFasterPB

      Don’t forget about Rich Oliver’s Mystery School:
      Lots of fun.

  • Campisi

    … even if you don’t want to get your bike all dirty…

    Why not?

  • parkwood60

    Ventura speedway has done this for years, it just never gets promoted. The last time I went there was an old school hard tail chopper with at least 12″ over springer front end, a Honda 350-4 with sissy bar & hard saddle bags, and at least 4-5 other kinda ratty bikes running. The long grey bearded guy on the chopper sure could ride that thing sideways.

    I believe they have at least 1 night a year at the Orange County/Costa Mesa Speedway races that is opened to street Harleys too.