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Everyone’s favorite street racer/personal trainer/male model/art director/fashion designer, Adey, just borrowed a Ducati 1199 Panigale for a couple days from Beverly Hills Ducati. You know what he did with it too, The Snake. Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for, a real rider on a real road on the world’s fastest motorcycle.

Update: two more videos added.

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How’d you end up on a Panigale?Beverly Hills Ducati was gracious enough to lend it to me for the weekend. Dunno if they’ll do it again after watching this video.”

How do you like the TC? Is it abrupt like on the 1198 or nice and smooth like the RSV4? “Definitely a improvement from the 1198. It kicked in many times thru out the Snake run unbeknownst to me, giving me the confidence to go faster. When I rode the RSV4 on this section of Mulholland, I couldn’t find the heart to exploit the TC.”

Is it comfortable? Easy to hang off and move around? “The wide clip-ons make the bike feel very familiar and comfortable. The rearsets didn’t bother me, but I’d prob set mine further back a bit. With a bike this narrow, it’s beyond easy to move around on it.”

How would you rate the handling? “10 out of 10! Quick light steering, easy to find your desired line. Too much fun to ride.”

Did you try the electronically adjustable suspension? Do you see that being useful or is it just a gimmick? “I didn’t touch the settings. I’d need time to see how dramatic the changes feel.”

Does it really feel as light as they say? “YES!”

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Does the lack of a frame affect the way you interact with the bike at all? “Not at all, the only thing I thought about while riding was where is the next corner.”

What’s the reaction like in the city from real people? “Dumbfounded…awestruck. During our night shoot, a bunch of young girls were taking pictures in the area we wanted to use. When I asked how long they were gonna be, the first thing they asked was ‘Is that a Ducati?’ My answer ‘Yup’ theirs, ‘Hot.’

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How’s it ride on city streets and on the highway? Could you commute on one? “It doesn’t feel like you’re on a superbike believe it or not. It’s ergos give you the option of sitting upright or leaning over when you feel like it. The motor is city friendly too, no abruptness from early throttle application. I definitely could see myself putting a lot of city miles on this bike.”

“On a side note, I made a comment back in the Yamaha ‘Zero to Hero’ story that I wanted my next superbike to come with all the bells and whistles on it. The Ducati Panigale S is it. I’d only purchase a rear Ohlins spring for my weight, rearsets and remove the mirrors. I can live with the stock exhaust, it’s loud as FUCK!!”

  • Harten Bane

    Loved that “the stock exhaust is loud as FUCK!” line.

  • DoctorNine

    Sure sounded good. That video made me feel like a trapeze artist hanging onto the ears of a drunken warthog though.

    In a good way…

  • Frosty_spl

    Damn that bike is fast! Squirt of the throttle equals 90.

  • Kevin

    90%+ of that ride was spent in 2nd gear. That’s one of the things I love about my Multi… you can leave it in second and just roll on and off the throttle. If I pace it right, no need to touch the brake lever either.

  • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]


  • AJ

    Still reckon the BMW S1000RR ’12 is better, and MCN’s group test ended up at this conclusion …. Would love to see Adey’s views as a comparo …

    • Sean MacDonald (the other Sean)

      it’d be hard to argue with those experts

      • HammSammich


        • Corey

          Not saying MCN is a great source of reviews, but I don’t think taking the newest bleeding edge superbike on the snake in 2nd gear under the power band is the best way to review it either.

          • adeysworld

            This isn’t the only road I filmed on. I took it to some faster roads in the area. Stay tuned.
            Back to your comment, most riders purchasing this bike for the street won’t see the power band anyway. So this video tells a lot to those looking for a canyon weapon.

    • rvfrules

      Fwiw, Motociclismo magazine had a 1000cc shootout recent involving the S1000RR, Panigale, YZF-R1, F4RR, ZX-10R, GSX-R 1000 and the RSV4 Factory APRC. The BMW had the highest top speed at 298.5 kph with the Panigale coming in 2nd at 294.5 kph. The S1000RR also turned in the fastest lap times, with the Panigale coming in 4th behind the Aprilia and Kawasaki.

      • adeysworld

        I don’t give a shit about lap times and top speeds. I care about what feeling the bike gives me when I’m on and away from it…

        • nymoto


        • rvfrules

          Posted for the edification of the editor who believes the Panigale is “the world’s fastest motorcycle.” I also prefer twins to I4s…

          • adeysworld

            Come on this Wes we’re talking about. He thinks I’m the fastest street rider in LA.

            psst…I really

  • smoke4ndmears

    The agility of the bike is visually apparent from turn one. The side to side transition is fast!

  • damien

    That’s what Satan’s bike would sound like.

  • JTourismo

    With a list of attributable titles like that, we definitely need to see Adey make his appearance on Ride Apart!

  • robotribe

    Photos and video don’t do this bike justice. You HAVE to see one in person; I did for the first time last week at the Orlando BMW/Triumph/Ducati dealership. Looks alone, it is absolutely as mind-fuckingly incredible as the images and media hype say it is. Putting all the “lose on Sunday, but still buy on Monday” Rossi crap aside, I’ll go out on a limb to say it is the most gorgeous, beautifully-sculpted, and forward-thinking designed bike out there today.

    It is THE hot bike. Hands down.

    And no, I don’t own, nor have I ever owned, a Ducati.

  • the_doctor

    Adey, you my hero.

  • WhoDey

    Not very often a bike sounds sexier than my RC51 but wow…I WANT that! Great passes on those Harley turds too btw

  • Artur

    what kind of camera is that on the tank?

    • adeysworld


      • Dylan

        Any specific reason you picked Replay over GoPro or Contour? I have a GoPro now and like it a lot but have been looking at the XD’s if I get a second camera

        • adeysworld

          Better picture/sound quality and easier to use. Plus it’s more compact. Plus, GoPro’s look so stupid on the top of helmets. They’re a eye-sore.

  • Scott-jay

    Pronunciation guide for Panigale?

    • ontheroad


      • Kevin

        Pan-eh-GAL-ay, as far as the accent goes.

  • Kevin

    1:19, passing that dude on the right. Tell me you weren’t thinking about it.

    • adeysworld

      Yeh the devil on my shoulder lost the battle on that thought;)

  • Campisi

    So why did he turn around where he did? Does the fun part of the road sort of end right there?

    • Tommy


  • 10/10ths

    I own a ’97 Duacati Monster and an ’04 Honda RC51. Both bikes can be left in second or third gear and ridden all day long without shifting. I love that.

    This Panigale may convince me to buy a new bike.

    Great reporting, keep up the epic web zine.


  • Taco

    I thought I was “Everyone’s favorite street racer/personal trainer/male model/art director/fashion designer”.

    • adeysworld

      Just call me “/”
      Right Wes?lol

      • Wes Siler

        Whatever you say /.

  • Tommy

    I always wondered how fast the really fast guys go around some of those tight corners. Good to know.

  • playswithsquirrels

    HOW do you get away with that? Where are all the police at? You guys can cut through traffic going 70, while I get the experience the long dick of the law for having a temporary tag on my bike that WASN’T EXPIRED after all “oh sorry sir have a good day”.

  • RSassi

    The cover photo for this article is perfect.

    • adeysworld

      It was taken by my friend Shera. Most of the pics you see of me from the Snake are shot by her. Check out her Flickr.

  • Edward

    You had some serious lean angle. How aggressively were you riding? 6/10ths? 7/10ths?

    • adeysworld

      6/10ths, if I had ownership or permission to go faster I would. The bike wanted to…

  • Jesse

    Wooof. As an East Coaster without lane splitting rights, that PCH video put my heart certainly raised my heart rate. Great stuff.

    • adeysworld

      Pfft..I rode like this when I lived in

      • Jesse

        Dunno how you ride with those enormous steel balls in the way, Adey. Keep it up.

  • Jesse

    Also, pushing triple digits in a 35. Snicker…

  • adeysworld

    I’m uploading a new video from the stretch of Mulholland where I battled the GT3 on my R1.
    Wes is out shooting an episode for RideApart. So expect it to be on here tomorrow.

  • dan

    pretty stupid driving on city streets

    • adeysworld

      You’re now dumber for watching for it Stupid.

      • dan

        we can’t all be as cool as you. how do ever find a helmet big enough for your head?

        • adeysworld

          Removed all the padding.

          • Edward

            I thought that the police generally looked the other way on that portion of Mulholland, so long as the riding (though fast) was competent.

            • donniedarko

              Your thoughts are incorrect. Theyre working on funding more units up there, which I know for a fact. I think they have only 3 ubits up there on the busiest days. My family own property near there and I dont ride there because of the riding that goes down there, to be killed by some over the line shvthead drifter jack ass. Some idiot chick in caged Miata killed her self not to long ago in front of my moms ranch on Mulholland minutes from Adeys videos. There’s some scary intitiatives up there by people who live there and some of them have deep pockets. Speed camers, Speed bumps, closing the roads to residents only etc all being talked about. Most wont happen but that is whats going on. The issue of some people make the corners dirty and the rumour, like a few years ago like up at Palomar thowing oil and Glycol on some corners… no thanks, ill save it for Cal Speedway or Willow. Be the fastest painter model actor director whatever a title with no legacy if shvt goes down and you bin and dont get up; because most of the locals up there are sick of us all being racer boys up there

          • Joe


    • Racetrack Style

      4:47 – 5:25 of this video

  • Case

    When is Adey doing a guest appearance on RideApart? Also: this bike looks and sounds amazing. I thought this article was really good. But then I love all things sportbike.

    • adeysworld

      Soon Case.

  • T Diver

    Was that Adey riding a black R1 at the snake a couple weekends ago with a black superman cape? Funny shit.

    • $Lindz$

      Nope, Bobby Beach.

  • Tony

    Did you take on the crazy tigh troad we were on with the rock crumles all over place?

    Kidding. Nice write up and pics. Will be out soon. Can borrow the Hyper next time?


    • adeysworld

      Sorry buddy no one is riding my Hyper.
      Holla when you get here.

      • ontheroad

        Haha, can’t blame a guy for asking, awesome bike for canyons. Can we see some photos of this thing Adey? Curious how you’ve set it up.

        • adeysworld

          Believe it or not my Hyper is stock except for a Ohlins rear spring purchased to accommodate my weight. Riding pics of me on the Hyper are on my Instagram – “Adeysworld”.

  • Scott-jay

    Is speedometer display in ‘street’ video scaled in miles or kilometers?

    • adeysworld

      I’m in America…take a guess.

      • dux [87 CBR600, 95 XR600R]


        • Jesse

          Leagues. Clearly.

      • Scott-jay

        Holy crap!

        • Scott-jay

          Who’s other rider in street vid, that guy in front of Adey?

  • PenguinScotty

    Good videos, thanks for sharing.

    The main reason why the Panigale interests me is the Oversquare design / short stroke of the engine. It probably feels like a mix between a Twin and an inline in regards to power delivery. Maybe it’s more manageable than the 1098 or RC8 because of that.
    Glad they went chain-driven for the cams this time around, though. Desmo still a pain in the butt to service for somebody that doesn’t know, though :P.

    I guess a test ride says more than a thousand words, however.

    Still, to me, hard to justify buying a 1200cc exotica for canyon carving machine.

    Thanks again for sharing! You would actually feel at home on European roads!

    • ontheroad

      My impression is that the 1199 has more of a discernable powerband than the previous superbike engines, above 6-7k things really get going. Very quick revving compared to the 1198. Adey’s ridden it harder than I’ve had the chance to yet, I suspect he can confirm/deny those two statements.

      Desmo service ain’t that bad! Once you get used to it it’s no worse than under-bucket japanese 4-cylinders, At least with the later bikes… 916-996 4V is no fun.

      • adeysworld

        You got it right. The 1199 Panigale changes the definition of Ducati Superbike.

  • Ray

    I saw that bike at the Rock Store on Sunday and have to say that Ducati made a very good looking motorcycle that appears super fast just sitting there.