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These TCX X-Streets look like pretty normal high-tops, right? Well, they’re not. With reinforced heel and toe boxes, a sturdy sole and armor over both sides of the ankles, they’re a dedicated riding shoe that should give you some protection and good support in a package that won’t make you look like a retarded elf.

While these are never going to replace the feel and safety of real riding boots, the X-Streets do fill a gap, offering some element of protection to riders who prefer wearing street shoes to ride around town. Some is better than none.

In addition to the impact and twist protection, the high tops and non-slip sole should add the kind of support you need when you’re operating a bike in an urban environment, supporting your ankles and providing solid grip on often slippery surfaces. Certain versions are even waterproof.

We’ll stick to something sturdier, but at just $140, these should be an easy way to add a minimal level of foot protection without sacrificing style, comfort or convenience.

  • BigRooster

    Do clean ones cost more?

  • Chris Black

    I know they’re cool because the music is so hip and happening.

    • ike6116

      Wow there’s really no winning with us is there?

      Would you prefer the dreaded, much maligned drop d tasty licks?

    • Bronson

      I love the music. It goes with my high top fade, boyee!

  • Devin

    Really? This wouldn’t even get you on the motorcycle at the motorcycle safety course, as you must have a not laced, ankle length boot.

    • Felix

      Really? I wore laced, ankle length boots when I took the course.

      • aristurtle

        Yeah, me too, and for some months after. Even crashed in a pair. Laces are fine as long as you tuck them in so they don’t catch on the pegs or shift lever.

      • Ed

        I wore laced 12 inch leather work boots that I picked up at St. Vincent De Paul for $3. The MSF is a great course. AS for bikes, we had everything form dual sports, micro cruisers and even a Zuma scooter to choose from.

    • Campisi

      My MSC in Florida let me take the class in high-top Walmart specials. They said they’d work as long as 1) they couldn’t see my ankle bone, and 2) I promised to buy something sturdier as soon as the course was completed.

      Awesome class, by the way. When they found out the day before the class that I wasn’t a fan of cruisers (unusual for a MSCer in northern Florida), one of the teachers brought a KLR 250 from their own stable for me to use.

      • tpnewsk

        Damn where in north Florida? I had to ride on one of those 250 suzuki cruiser whatevers but the had two TU250s. I also started dragging peg day two on one of those and got a warning for it. Yes I’m proud of that :P

        • Campisi

          I lived just south of the Duvall county line at the time, so somewhere in Jacksonville. Someone else’s Kawasaki Eliminator wouldn’t start, so they wheeled out the Hyosung Comet 250 they had stashed “as a backup bike.”

  • Chris

    I’ve been interested in the TCX’, but I’m more interested in the Dianese:


    Any chance that y’all could get a pair comped so you can give us a review?

    • Raubert Van Harris

      I second that! These are definitely on my wishlist.

  • aristurtle

    $140? Seriously? I got a pair of real riding boots from that same company for less.

  • Filipe

    I bought these TCX about a month ago and have been wearing them pretty regularly. I was primarily looking for waterproof sneakers that didn’t look retarded for those rainy commutes, so this was a double win with the added protection (granted, it really is very minimal protection, but definitely better than any other sneaker you’ll find… it’s more like a boot, with reinforced toe and heel). They’re very comfortable, look pretty good (the black leather ones anyway) and they really are 100% waterproof. i like ‘em.

    • noone1569

      I’ve got a pair of TCX that I use as my in-town boots, very comfortable, good build quality.

  • zero

    Interesting. I might just have to try a pair of these.

  • Squid_Squidly

    Are the grey and purple ones being sold anywhere? Cuz I really really like the grey and purple ones but they don’t seem to exist outside of that photo.

  • CG

    I would look really cool in these. Until I took my helmet off. Geezer hipsters are not pretty sights….

    • Sean Smith

      Just buy a nice Italian bike or a repsol cbr1000 and all the 20 something’s will think you look like Dr. House.

      • Squid_Squidly

        His ‘blade was back this week. They should totally un-cancel that show now.

    • Ed

      “Geezer hipster” – I resemble that remark!

  • Dylan

    Looked at the TCX ones but the waterproof stuff would make them unbearable for the summers here in AZ (100+ degrees). I think im going with these:

  • The other Joe

    Here’s a question for you. If you’re not stupid enough to ride in sneakers, why would you want to look like you are that stupid? When did ignorance become fashionable?

    • TuffGong

      I tend to agree….

    • http://www.twitter.com/wessilerfanclub Sean MacDonald (the other Sean)

      if you actually care about people riding with better gear, give them a break. for the dudes wearing skate shoes or vans, this a great step in the right direction. those guys aren’t gonna go from no protection to heavy boots, these will give them a chance to experience what it feels like to have their feet more protected. once they get used to it, they wont go back.

      no one is going to consider wearing better stuff when you sit on your high horse and tell them how stupid they are. find a way to get people to experience the difference between feeling safe and exposed and they will come around.

  • Coreyvwc

    I actually like these better than the dainese high tops. Do they come without the “vintage wash” look?

    • Tom Fiegener

      They have a black waterproof leather.

  • Tom Fiegener

    I tried these on today, from 10ft away they look like converse, but up close they are clunkier and still look like a motorcycle shoe… Could be a little to do with my size 12 foot and small narrow frame, but I felt a little silly in them, almost clown shoe like.

    Granted a bigger guy or smaller size boot might make all the difference.

    • Archer

      Shoot the clowns! Shoot the clowns!!!

      (obligatory obscure zombie FPS game reference)

  • James Legg

    I have a pair of these http://www.jsaccessories.co.uk/shop/boots/touring/cty010-boots-black.html that I use with a pair of kevlar jeans when I just want to use the bike to get somewhere and dont want to walk around in a full set of bike boots all day after. They have basic hard ankle and toe protection and don’t twist. They are better than a pair of DMs or trainers but they aren’t that pretty.

  • http://www.brammofan.com Brammofan

    I wish they had a boot that protected my foot and ankle, but looked like a basic businessman’s shoe when peeking out from the leg of my pants.

  • Гена

    Judging on my experience with TCX Airtech boots, the CE requirements aren’t that stringent. My boots are very soft just about everywhere. They are comfortable, but I doubt they offer any considerable protection. Certainly not more than non certified Icon and Joe Rocket I also own.

    • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]

      I have a pair of TCX Air Tech Gore-Tex boots that I bought recently for warm, rainy days. They are the most flexible MC boots I own — and they’re getting squishier each time I wear them. They offer almost zero ankle protection. I think the rubber accents and mesh might prevent loss of skin in a low-speed slide, but they certainly wouldn’t keep your ankle bones from shattering if your foot took a hit from the bike during a low-side.

  • Anthony Wayne

    I just bought a pair of these a couple of weeks ago. If I’m going riding all day I’m definitely going to wear my proper riding boots. But for around town use, these feel a hell of a lot better than just wearing my Vans. They are a little toasty during the day though.

  • http://www.postpixel.com.au mugget

    Not bad, more choices the better.

    But I think I like the Shift street boots more.

  • David Dawson

    These would have been great when I was in college. Could have walked around campus in something relatively comfortable that still protected my feet.