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Less than three years after having his company unceremoniously shitcanned by corporate greed, Erik Buell has claimed two podiums in a single AMA Pro Superbike weekend. Dannny Eslick and Geoff May both placed third on Saturday and Sunday respectively. Those podiums are a huge result for EBR, the tiny, tiny, tiny East Troy, Wisconsin-based company developed its own model, the EBR 1190RS, which can now legitimately compete with the might of the ginormous Japanese manufacturers. Looking for your Burt Munro or John Britten story for the 21st century? This is it.

“This is our first time to Infineon with the new EBR 1190RS, and the competition is fierce, but the riders and crew really got the bikes dialed in quickly,” says Erik. “This track really rewards the handling and braking qualities of our bikes. The team did an amazing job.”

“Saturday’s race just kept getting better as I got more laps on the bike, and Blake [Young, who rides a GSX-R1000) and I had a great race for second,” states Danny. “On Sunday I was just grateful how easy the 1190 is to ride, because I was really hurting from my morning crash! But I still had fun, and can’t wait for the next race. I can’t say enough good things about my new team; these guys are fantastic.”

“I really enjoyed this weekend, and feel like we have made tremendous progress with getting the settings right on the bikes,” says Geoff. “Thanks to Hero’s sponsorship we have the extra crew members to allow us to get more done, as well as having a great team mate in Danny. “I was holding 2nd up to the last lap Sunday, but I knew Roger would likely make a move on me at the end since he had the time to watch my lines. I’m definitely looking forward to the next round at Miller.”

  • Alex

    Congratulations to EBR and looking forward to more success from them! They’re a fantastic bunch of guys so I love seeing the fruits of their labor.

  • Dr. Gellar

    Well done EBR! I love seeing this…the continued improvement of the Hero EBR team (and also that of the HMC KTM) make the AMA/DMG Superbike class much more interesting to watch than it has been in the past.

    Now, if only someone new can start to mix it up with Hayes and Young on a consistent basis…

  • T Diver

    Best burnout too.

    • Edward

      That burnout was incredible.

      • Tyler

        Awesome burnout. Anyone know if there’s a video posted somewhere?

        • smoke4ndmears

          Was it Danny? Danny is a burnout guru.

          • adrenalnjunky

            Yeah – end of the 1st race. Big stationary smoky burnout, then the rolled it out about 200feet up the hill. Pretty sick.

  • moshaholic2

    Awesome weekend by the EBR crew!!! They will be pushing the top two a lot this season WITHOUT the electronic aids that keep Hayes and Young up front. The Yami and Zuki are close to WSBK trim. To hang w/ those guys is a big time achievement.
    AMA *should* consider not allowing traction/launch etc control. If would fill the small AMA superbike field w/ a ton more riders that could then actually afford to compete.

    • Coreyvwc

      Hayes won the AMA super title just a little while ago with ZERO electronic rider aid. He is not is the poster boy for electronics, so don’t try to make him one.

      • moshaholic2

        I’m not, he’s probably our next WSBK candidate. But, THEY ARE USING THEM THIS YEAR. And he has a clear advantage.

  • Raubert Van Harris

    GREAT stuff! I saw the race yesterday in person and the Buells looked fantastic. It’s nice to see American bikes competing like that. As a sidenote, Hayes is a BEAST. He was visibly faster than everyone (even when he was crashing in turn 9!)

  • Adam

    They are not Buells. They are EBR bikes. They two are totally different in the same way that Yamaha and Honda are different. The only similarity is that they were both designed by Erik Buell and company

    • Raubert Van Harris

      When I see a Tadao Baba designed R1… But I get your point.

    • aristurtle

      Nonsense. The only reason why Erik’s new company is named “EBR” is because Harley-Davidson won’t give him the trademark to his own name. It’s a ridiculous legal fiction, and as random internet commentors we don’t need to respect it.

  • rndholesqpeg

    unceremoniously shitcanned by corporate greed,

    Don’t you mean corporate stupidity? They didn’t even run the numbers to see if it made sense to be able to say that they did it for the money

  • Dan

    Any chance we can get a few gallery shots of the Britten bikes? Much like the EBR, every time I look at one I finder a clever detail I’d never noticed before.

  • super20

    Well done. I can’t wait to see what the Hero partnership brings to the table off the track, i.e. new (more affordable) street bike models, like maybe an adv. bike?

    • smoke4ndmears

      That’s pretty much what has been hinted at by the in crowd over at Badweb with regards to the three phantom bikes listed on the EBR webstite. A fully faired road bike, nekkid, and a ulysses sequel.

  • jason

    Wonderful.A HUGE middle finger to H-D!!!

  • JMcMahon

    Damnit! The cost of used 1125s just went up EVERYWHERE!

    Congrats Erik!

  • Ben W


    Congratulations, Buell.

  • jason

    NOT BUELL !!! Come on people.

    • Ben W

      Jason, his last name hasn’t changed. Until then, why not use it?

    • Raubert Van Harris

      Are people just being smart asses or does Mr. Buell and his team genuinely resent people calling their bikes Buells? Buell was around for a decade before HD took partial ownership just fyi.

  • DoctorNine

    This was inevitable, considering who was working on it.
    Well done, Mr. Buell.

  • Jesse Oakes

    I totally agree, his name is Erik BUELL. Anyway congrats to the team. Glad to see they are doing good!

  • adrenalnjunky

    I’m really looking forward to Barber in June. Went for the 1st time last year – the racing and the place was amazing.

    Strangest of all, I enjoyed the XR1200 races the most. Those guys were wringing those bikes out. As with dumping Buell, they could produce a pretty decent performer with the XR1200 that would attract the crossover sportbike rider, but they’re too weak-minded to let it get to far off from the classic Harley customer – who is about as interested in that bike as they are the V-Rod.

  • scottydigital

    This is exciting!