Drake McElroy meets Sao Paulo’s Moto Boys

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Take one FMX legend, feed him plenty of alcohol, put him on the back with one of Sao Paulo’s infamous Moto Boys and shake. Drake McElroy makes the kind of travel show we can get behind.

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  • Scott-jay

    Courier bikers: pony express motors on.
    Google motoboy sao paulo: 100,000 strong.
    Ready for Jamie and Drake to have a vid-off.

  • Coreyvwc

    So where do I sign up to be a san diego moto boy?

    • ontheroad

      Right here, on this application for CA organ donor status.

  • zipp4

    I’m all for new motorcycle shows and everything but Drake has the charisma of a senior citizen with a permanent hangover.

    • ontheroad

      I disagree, I think the guy seems laid back and at times maybe a little overwhelmed by culture shock. In other words, a normal, relatable guy.

      I enjoy the show. At this point, I’m catching the new episodes on the redbull youtube channel before the guys even get around to posting them here on HFL. Whatever though, tastes differ.

    • http://www.postpixel.com.au mugget

      You know, not everyone has to act like an uber-douche on crack – some people are just chill. So chill out. And relax. Chillax.

    • Ax

      I get the impression that sometimes he’s talking to someone or doing something the producers arranged and he’s just not into it.