Ian Hutchinson vs a seagull

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This image was snapped at the split second Isle of Man TT racer Ian Hutchinson impacted a seagull at high speed. The incident doesn’t appear to have affected the Yamaha R1 rider terribly, he still completed yesterday’s superbike practice session in 17th place with an average speed around the 37.7-mile road course of 123mph.

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  • Hiroshi


  • JTB

    These don’t taste like chicken!

  • je

    No free rides!

  • 10/10ths

    I knew a guy who hit a Wild Turkey in Texas while on his Hayabusa. Put him in the hospital for six months.

  • Zirq

    I hit a bat going a buck twenty once. Even with a compression suit on it stung a bit.

    The best part was looking back and catching the bat hitting the windshield of a car behind me. That bat wasn’t having a good day.

    Another time I was out in the mountains and crossed paths with a group of turkeys. These weren’t the guys I rode with from time to time, but the feathered variety. Tard and Zurq – 2 / Turkeys – 0

  • ontheroad


    A vulture nearly took me off the saddle of a 600 once at probably 55 mph, leaped off the side of the road and hit me square in the right shoulder. Damn birds.

    • Bronson

      +1. I almost got taken out by a turkey vulture last fall and just last week while riding in western NC I just missed a smaller hawk. I’m guessing that in both cases they were in the tall grass besides the road eating roadkill and got startled by my KTM thumper roaring towards them. ATGATT bitches!

  • Duarte Vieira

    Got hit in the face by a massive bumblebee today and I can tell you it’s not fun! Should have kept the visor down… But a seagull?! Damn…

  • filly-fuzz

    riding across Australia solo last year i had a huge falcon looking thing fly out and hit me square in the chest.
    Middle of nowhere, considerable speed, if i came off I’m pretty sure that would have been the end of the line.
    Not fun

    • dux [87 CBR600, 95 XR600R]

      The birds here are pretty aggressive: see Magpies, Cockatoos, and Galahs (pink parrot things). These fuckers love to chase bikes or play “Chicken”, as they say. I’ve only hit a little cliff swallow myself, but I’ve seen a friend or two plaster a Galah.

      • filly-fuzz

        I actually felt really bad about, It bugged me for a long time.

        Crazy badass falcon!

  • Allan

    The same sort of thing ended Pat Hennen’s racing career. He was a works Suzuki pilot in the late 70s, and the first American to win a 500 GP, Finland in 1976. He was very quick on the Island but it all ended when he hit a bird. Fortunately he went on to be successful outside racing.

  • smoke4ndmears

    all the gull all the time.

    • ~RUSH~


    • Turf

      I see what you did there.

  • http://lightsoutknivesout.tumblr.com/ Scott Pargett

    I almost hit a peacock “flying” across the road. That’s a whole lot of bird to try and avoid.

  • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]

    I recently had a pigeon (stupid rat with wings) fly into the spokes of the front wheel of my bicycle as I was taking a corner. The slight deceleration as the pigeon got caught between spokes and fork wasn’t too big of deal — thank god pigeons snap easily — but the cloud of feathers that hit my face almost took me out.

    Two of my bicycling friends had squirrels run into their front spokes. One of my friends escaped unscathed, despite his superman onto asphalt. The other friend suffered a broken nose.

    • http://twitter.com/metabomber Jesse

      Caught a pigeon in the (thankfully closed) visor on my 600 at spirited backroad speeds. That was an exciting mess. Stayed upright and ‘rolled’ with it, can’t say the pigeon was happy.

  • Core

    Wow…are these story’s rare?

    Comments were interesting.

    • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]

      In Boston and the surrounding area, there are so many friggin’ squirrels and pigeons on the many tree-lined roads — especially in the spring and fall when they’re most active — that it’s a wonder that I don’t hit one every time I ride.

      The squirrels in my neighborhood are so ballsy that during one of my son’s birthday parties, we were all sitting around our backyard picnic table eating cake, and a squirrel ran up my leg (I was wearing shorts), onto the table, grabbed a handful of cake, ran back down my leg, and proceeded to eat the cake about 5 ft away from the table. It happened so quickly that none of the kids even screamed.

      After the squirrel finished its first handful, it repeated the climb up my leg and grabbed another scoop of cake. The kids screamed — and laughed — this second time.

      I was surprised my leg wasn’t scratched to all hell from the squirrel’s claws — but I’m guessing the sucker was so light and so quick that momentum pretty much carried it up my calves before it grabbed the material of my shorts and continued up onto the table.

      • zato1414

        It’s a good thing he didn’t go up your shorts looking for nuts!

  • Ax

    Hit a deer (and went down) at 60mph back in October. $2500 damage to the fairing and fender but, mechanically, the bike was fine and I rode it home and continued riding it until getting it into the shop for repairs. Broken toe, broken finger, minor fractures in left shoulder and right wrist (I think — they still aren’t “right”).

    • Zach

      $2500 for fairings and a fender? What bike was it, and how much had to be replaced?

      • Ax

        Yamaha Majesty “scooter”. Entire front and most of the left side bodywork. Luckily, insurance covered everything.

    • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]

      Glad to hear that you survived and you’re still riding!

  • Archer

    Damn sky rats.

  • Mr.Paynter

    Wow, never hit a pigeon, I did nearly come off after hitting a helium filled balloon which escaped Mc.Donalds’ I hit it at maybe 45mph but it hit me square in the face and I just didn’t see it coming.

    I’d hate to hit any birds at any pace!

  • http://www.lgdm.fr stempere

    Hit 3 pingeons in paris on my bike, one with my head, second torso and third with my front light.
    I was only going like 40mph when i it one with my head and it was pretty uncomfortable, so hitting that thing at 100+… damn.

    I’m actually going to replace the liner in my Aero jacket next month (and installing some D3O at the same time) and i asked the nice lady to had 3 red stripes on my collar, you know to warn the others…

    • noone1569

      Haha that’s awesome. Hopefully, you won’t get up to four stripes.

    • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]

      So awesome!!!!

  • Keith

    I know these photographers use multi shot exposures but to catch this particular event…amazing!

  • donniedarko

    When we were kids at the beach surfing, we’d feed them alka seltzer and watch them fly away then blow up. lol Im coming back as a sea gull for sure in the next life

    • dux [87 CBR600, 95 XR600R]

      Does that really work? Now searching YouTube…

  • wwalkersd

    Hutchy in 17th? The hell you say the gull didn’t affect him!