More photos of the stunning new Icon sponsored Brammo Empulse RR

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At the time of writing, it’s unclear if this new Brammo Empulse RR will be racing at the first TTXGP race of the season. Practicing at Infineon yesterday, rider Steve Atlas highsided the new 130bhp race bike, fracturing six vertebra and injuring a finger. While the team tries to patch things together and find a pinch hitter, enjoy these 13 photos.

Update: five great new pre-crash action photos from Charles Lee.

Complete with a livery from sponsor Icon — a houndstooth or dazzle-like pattern derived from half the Brammo bull/lightning bolt logo — this new Empulse RR is surely one of the most stunning race bikes out there.

Writing earlier yesterday, Steve engaged in a bit of ominous foreshadowing. “Another byproduct of this addition oomph was fairly heavy spinning of the rear tire exiting several of the medium speed corners,” the former AMA Pro Superbike rider wrote on his blog. “And while the linear torque production of the electric motor makes controlling them relatively easy, last year’s bike simply didn’t have the power to break the Pirelli stick loose, so this was something new to get used to.”

According to Brammo, the accident means at least six weeks off for Steve; he could miss the TTXGP round at Portland International Raceway too.

Look closely at Steve’s neon green helmet in the lead photo. Is that an upcoming product from Icon?

  • turnercc

    Gorgeous bike. But I’m pretty sure that helmet’s just an Airframe.

    • Sean Smith

      Nope, it and the grey helmet are the new full-face Icon has been working on. Purdy.

  • 85gripen

    Will HFL be there at the unveiling of the production version of the Empulse on May 8?

    • Wes Siler


  • wwalkersd

    Heal fast, Steve Atlas!

  • Will Y

    If this doesn’t get you excited about the future as a motorcyclist, I don’t know what will. Electric track bike? yes please!

    • Jeff

      I want one too but I just hope it can last for 8-16 20 minute sessions. Would be interesting to follow students and not have them change their style because they heard another bike coming up behind them.

      • jp182

        Lord knows that would help me!

  • BigRooster

    It sounds like a freaking tie fighter!

    • Jesse

      I thought the same thing. I could get used to that.

  • oldblue

    Shame about the crash. Heal fast, feller.

  • Michael

    Damn that thing sounds sick. Sign me up! Best wishes to Steve, heal up fast.

  • Roman
  • Dylan

    Does anyone know where Mission motors is this year with the Mission R? Watching that thing lap Laguna Seca last year was amazing and I’d love to see how it stacks up against the rest of the field