New graphics for the Guzzi Griso

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Already one of the most unconventionally attractive bikes on the market, the special edition Moto Guzzi Griso is ditching its trademark “Teni” green for a new black and silver graphic. Dubbed “Black Devil,” its intended to visually shorten the bike’s length to create a more cohesive visual package.

“A new colour concept that transmits a greater impact to the non-conformist style of Griso with a “matt [sic] black” look interrupted by a sharp silver graphic pattern that generates a beam of light extending from the tank to the lateral ducts,” design talks Guzzi. “The visual impression is of an overall feeling of greater compactness of the assembly in a picture of great elegance, typical of the special series produced by Mandello del Lario.”

“Among the details that make it an authentic “custom-built” are the saddle lining, matching grey thread double-stitching, the attractive spoked wheels with custom channels from Moto Guzzi red, in addition to the above mentioned Black Devil graphic,” concludes the hyperbole.

If you’d asked us last year, when we first rode the Griso, if graphics could improve the already stunning looks, we’d have laughed at you. But, the minimal use of color and the strong pattern really ties together the mechanical and styling elements to create a cohesive effect the matte green never really managed. Ditch that plate hanger and you’ve got one of the most uniqeuly appealing bikes — both to ride and look at — on sale right now.

  • Ben W

    I do love how the Griso looks. I keep trying to ignore it, because of the price tag, but it really is something.

  • William

    I do love my red ’07 . . . and I think this is a much better look than the green Teni

    • BigRooster

      I do like the teni green and it does look wicked with the brown seat, but I prefer the non-laced Brembo wheels on my 08 G11 and the more traditional colors (red/black/white).

      Give me these graphics with the old style Brembo wheels and I’ll buy an 8v.

      Also – that rear plate holder will give the Zero a run for its money in the homely race.

  • the_doctor

    Wow, that is damn lovely.

  • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]

    Damn that looks good. Except for the weird-ass exhaust!!!!

    • Scott-jay

      Agreed: its Y-connect looks crude/crappy & the muffler outlet is silly, or a retro Star Trek styling cue I don’t get.

  • Campisi

    I never noticed before, but the exhaust can reminds me of the units off of a Daelim Magma.

  • paul redican

    I too am trying to ignore this bike. Whenever I go to my local Guzzi dealer for parts or just a chat it calls to me from the showroom in sultry tones “ride me,buy me,love me” your excellent write up didn’t help matters either.

  • Coreyvwc

    Looks good, but man there’s just something about that Teni green that just does it for me.

    • Charlie

      Concur. This could be ok in the real, but green with tan seat was a bullseye. I think the MSRP on this bike is now a very reasonable mid $12.7k.

  • Jericho7

    Oh Mamma. Oh Mommamia…

  • MV ROB

    My Teni green should be in this month! Can’t wait! Your write up is what sealed it for me, that and realizing the diavel just didn’t do it for me in person.

  • Adam

    I dug the Teni green with that rich brown seat. Such a beautiful combo. Although, I can see this being more appealing to a broader, more boring, more predictable and less handsome audience than myself. Alas.

  • Kevin

    What is that big black box hanging underneath the right cylinder?

    • stempere

      Oil radiator?

      • BigRooster

        Yes, it is the oil cooler and plumbing.

        • Kevin

          There you go, thanks for the edumacation.

  • TuffGong

    Nice to read all the positive comments without the all too common price bitching and nitpicking….see the bike,love the bike…..

    • Adam N

      Written like a rich person.

  • NoVeloNoVin

    “The lateral ducts”? At that point, Guzzi’s design talk sounds like a physiology lecture.

    Nonetheless, this is a striking design — the bike looks both agile and muscular, two qualities not often well-combined.

    And, yes, lose the “vortexes in intersecting circles” exhaust.

  • robotribe

    I must really be settling into the fact that I’m no longer in my 30s, because this bike looks damn appealing to me. I feel the need to pop open a bottle of Pinot, sit down on a folding chair, and drink as a I stare longingly at this bike sitting in my garage.

    At some point I’d actually ride it.

  • Wolfgang Romero

    You make it sound as if buying this bike was some mid-life crisis event. I’m 27 y/o and I find it stricking desing-wise, beautiful just powerfull bike. Wes dosen’t seem like an old guy and he loved it ( Sean Smith liked it too.

    Looks more like it could be whatever you want it to be, you could ride nice and slow or hard fast having in mind that it’s neither a cruiser nor a crotch rocket.

    Sounds like a perfect everyday use combo.

  • Lou

    This is, flat out, one of the most fun bikes I’ve ever ridden and gobs of presence. Awesome. And…if you do a bit of hunting, you can find the 8v lurking at dealerships for a very nice price. If you don’t need the SE spec, it can easily become great bang for the buck.

  • Devin

    Fuck that looks good, and I thought that green was perfect. I still might take that green though.

  • HammSammich

    Ciao Bella!

    I keep telling myself that in the next 6 months to 1 year, I’m getting a new Speed or Street Triple…but Guzzi keeps calling to me…

    • Campisi

      Do it! The worse bike you love is better than the best bike that you’re okay with.

  • Kevin

    This is the kind of bike that Harley could and should be making, but whatever… let them keep fuckin’ that chicken.

    This bike is seriously nice.