Photo: Guy Martin’s epic NW200 crash

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Believe it or not, but crash-prone road racer Guy Martin escaped this crash at the NW200 Saturday without major injury. The same can’t be said for his GSX-R600. “It was unfortunate that Guy had to sit out the meeting after a very nasty crash in the opening race on Saturday,” stated team manager Phillip Neill. “He took a fairly hefty bang on the head and was just not fit enough to race on, so it was best option.”

“I’m disappointed to miss out on the meeting and pretty frustrated as I didn’t feel I was doing anything wrong when I tucked the front, even though the bike does get a bit unsettled through that bumpy section,” understates Guy. “I had a really stiff neck after the crash and I had taken a bit of a battering so it was best to sit it out. I’ll be grand for the TT.”

  • Duarte Vieira

    Guy Martin rules!

  • JTB

    That’s not Big Ben you hear at TT races!Glad hes good to go for the IOM I love watching him race.

  • stefano

    Low millage GSXR for sale. Bit of a rash on the tank from lowside. No title. Call now!

  • runrun

    that “quote” is someone’s best guess at what guy martin actually said.

    • BMW11GS

      Clearly there was no mention of tea, so we have to view this “report” with a bit of skepticism. Glad he is okay!

  • Jake

    Notice the plume of fuel exploding out of the ruptured tank? That could be your spleen.

  • mugget

    Hmmm… as much as I’m a fan of Guy Martin, I’ve gotta wonder if maybe he should be doing something different (change his riding style, get some coaching etc.) with all these big crashes…

    • ontheroad

      Was there another recently besides the spectacular one on the CBR last year? Not that two such crashes aren’t plenty…

  • holdingfast

    i love guy martin for sure, though it does seem like he loves to blame his bike’s set up every so often (every time he crashes).. just saying.

  • James
  • James

    This kind of road racing is just incredibly dangerous, but if you want to be fast, you’re going to crash eventually. It’s all well and good doing it with acres of run-off and gravel traps, but 200mph through tiny villages is fucking certifiable.


  • zato1414

    A good cup of tea and some spectacular crashes… what else has he done? He’s a really good guy, I hope he is around long enough to start showing his real stuff.