The 3 changes they made to the AGV AX-8 Dual

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We’ve expounded the virtues of the AGV AX-8 Dual at length, but here’s the short version: weight, price, vision, ventilation, looks, safety. Those factors together make it probably the most appealing helmet on the market right now. Want one? The old model is widely on sale for $200. Half off. Do this year’s upgrades make it worth spending more? Here’s the three changes.

1. The screws that hold the peak on are now metal instead of plastic. The old plastic one did round off incredibly easily, so metal is a good upgrade. I stopped bothering taking the peak off at all though, doing so has now tangible effect on aerodynamic stability.

2. The dropped the tacky “AX-8 Dual” graphic on the sides. Already a clean helmet with bold lines, this makes it even more bold, simple and striking. The old graphics were lacquered in.

3. The new helmet gains a dinky rubber pad on the chin with the words “shock absorber” molded into it. I guess it’s supposed to stop little bumps from being annoying. The chin does protrude a little farther than a traditional full-face, but I’ve never really noticed that bumping the chin was a problem.

There’s also apparently more cushioning inside. My old AX-8 is heavily worn (I’ve ridden in it for a year now, both off and on-road), so it’s hard for me to say for certain, but the new one does feel a bit plusher inside.

I know if I was shopping, those changes wouldn’t merit spending an extra money. $200 is a hell of a deal for an incredibly light (1,400g for a medium), ECE 22.05 (softer for fewer concussions), extremely versatile helmet like this. It works equally well in the city, on the highway or off-road, either with goggles or the visor in place. Just don’t buy one for trackdays or high-speed canyon riding, it gets a bit buffety above 120mph or so. And make sure you try one on first, like all helmets, shapes and sizes are unique and fit is all important.

What am I going to do with the old one? Guess I’ll save it for dirt riding to keep the new helmet nice and shiny and free of Eau de Wes.

  • contender

    I have the older one with bad graphics and a pointy chin. But it also has metal screws. And I got a big one, so it was $167. Win win, except for the graphics.

  • KR Tong

    Ive got the old one too. $200 is such a good price for this thing. It would be nice if the xs shell was smaller, but only for aesthetic reasons. The arai rival is tiny by comparison. Definitely an amazing helmet for all the reasons above.

  • Scott-jay

    You can tell the good guys, white hats.

    • aristurtle

      Are you kidding? This looks like something one of the Empire’s stormtroopers would wear while riding a hoverbike.

      (Not that that’s a bad thing.)

      • DavidMG

        This is JUST what I needed for Star Wars Day

  • Mike Brooklyn

    I’ve seen the old ones on sale, but always in either a small or XXL, unfortunately.

    • Mike

      Same here, I figured all the HFLers ran out & immediately bought all the normal-sized ones.

  • randry

    At highway speeds will that peak snap your neck back if you look up? How quiet is it inside at highway speeds? Does that low chin deflect air from going down your jacket at all ?

    • the_doctor

      Yes, the peak will tug quite a bit at highway speeds, and it is pretty damn loud. The newer one is probably quieter, though.

      I have not noticed any air deflection from the chin, but that is something I have not ever though of.

    • Wes Siler

      You see those pretty red words we put in articles? Those are links to more information. Follow them and you’ll find comprehensive info and reviews etc.

      Having said that: no, not very, no.

  • the_doctor

    I love my old Dual, and at $200, that is a fantastic bargain. I did take the peak of a few times, but once the plastic screws started rounding, I decided to just leave it on.

  • Sean

    I still want to know how to get one of those awesome dark-tint visors. It makes this looker of a helmet even more sinister/awesome.

    • Wes Siler

      They’re widely available now.

  • AHA

    It seems most of these Dual helmets come with plastic screws for the peak. I read this was so they’d detach swiftly & safely in a spill – in which case metal screws would be a neck-wrenchingly bad idea. Anyone know what’s gospel on this?

    • KR Tong

      The visor’s made of pretty thin plastic so i doubt it’s a problem. The plastic screws are really, really flimsy. Replaceable but flimsy. For me two were broken in the box and I broke a couple knocking the helmet off a desk.

      • doublet

        So… is the visor the same and are the receptacles for the screws the same? Hopefully they are the same thread, and metal…

        If so, can the ‘new’ metal screws be purchased? this seems like the biggest upgrade, that would be worth what the cost of the screws are worth… Maybe not, even. But I bet they don’t cost $200!

  • Travis

    Can you plug the interior from the new EVO into the old model?

    I have an old model and for a refresh thought about dropping in a new liner and cheek pads. If there is better padding and it snaps in, I’d get it.


    • Wes Siler

      It’s not a huge difference, no clue if they’re compatible or not.

      • Travis

        I talked to Dainese/AGV. The liners are compatible.