Thunderdrome brings racing back to Detroit

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Everyone’s favorite scooter/moped/pit bike/mini moto/bicycle race is returning to Detroit’s re-discovered Dorais Velodrome with two dates this year. Thunderdrome will race on 30 June and 15 September, 2012. Make sure you visit the Thunderdrome site for full details, there’s changes to the registration process and homologation rules this year which mean you have to sign up ahead of time. You should, it’s the most accessible, laid back, fun motorcycle race you’ll ever participate in.

  • duncanbojangles

    Depending on what machine you’re riding and your location in the country, you might need to start riding there now to make it in time for the first event.

  • Bronson

    Motard class, hell yeah! I better get cracking on that XR100 build.

  • Spencer

    I can’t wait, hopefully the new parts on the monkeywards pay off….

  • Paul

    Great event. Hope they bring back the twinkie-shooting gizmo. It’s also a lot of fun exploring Detroit on two wheels.

  • parkwood60

    If any of you are in Southern California, I witnessed the next best hing to this. Outlaw flat track at Ventura this weekend. Basically any street bike can show up and race in the Hooligan class. But they also have Pit Bike and 150cc classes, with include a dirt “Roval”. Yes a 1/4 mile oval with a road course in the middle, on dirt, on a mini bike, in front of 1000+ spectators.

    Not sure if it met the letter of the rules, but a Honda Trail 90 (with leading link front end) took second in the Pit Bike races