Video: Brammo Empulse R

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Here’s Brammo’s marketing video for the finally in-production Empulse R. Ladies, we hope you’re sitting down, because you’re about to get a solid close up of Steve Atlas’s ass.

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  • Major Caenus

    Did he just rev the throttle on an electric bike?

    That must have been visceral.

    • Alex

      There was also the conspicuous downshift @ 1:28. I did a double take and ended up Googling the specs to make sure it was for real and not creative editing.

  • andy bates

    Get the bike, get the girl, save the world (with zero emissions)

    What should be do about the engine sound issue? Just blanket the video with music. Done.

  • wwalkersd

    The girl spent way too much time waiting for him. It gives the impression that the bike is slow, i.e., that he didn’t arrive when he said he would. Otherwise, pretty nice vid.

    For the sake of humanity, I really want electric vehicles to succeed, but I couldn’t help thinking that this is a great canyon bike for people who live IN the canyons. Is there really enough range to ride the canyon, pick up the girl in LA, ride around LA, and make it home again? I doubt it. We need batteries that will give at least 200 miles range for recreational riding, and/or widely-available, extremely fast charging. It’s early days, but battery and charging technology have some catching-up to do.

  • mik lo

    A cool more news on electric bikes!

  • mik lo

    Oh cool more news on electric bikes!

  • Sean Smith

    “This is awful. Why did you make we watch that? I’ll never get those three minutes back.”

    • Scott-jay

      Females aren’t video target.

      • Sean Smith

        Ha, I think it was more a matter of taste than male vs female.

    • Campisi

      When the girl started putting gear on, I was all “oh please have her do anything other than just hop on the pillion…” But no.

      And so it goes.

      • SamuraiMark

        Same here. I was hoping he’d pull up, and she’d jump on her own bike and they’d ride off together. Booo.

    • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]

      If don’t think my wife would even make it through the first 15 seconds.

      Compare this video and marketing message to BRD’s video of its electric motorcycle in SF. My wife is psyched about the BRD I preordered.

      • Patrick

        The BRD video was beautiful, and actually made me want one.

      • dux [87 CBR600, 95 XR600R]

        That BRD vid is way better!
        Just say no to ass-rock, Brammo!

        • Patrick

          it was like a three minute long bud light commercial from 1995.

      • protomech

        Different strokes for different folks, perhaps.

        BRD video was pretty sweet. We’re starting to see a wealth of awesome electric bikes.

  • Mike

    Whoa. You mean if I buy this bike, that chick will want to ride on the back of it? SOLD. How much? 80k? I’ll make it work.

    *typical response of target audience*

    • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]


      And for everyone else…

      Whoa. You mean if I buy this overweight bike, some chick that spends more time putting on make-up than it takes for me to get from Malibu to downtown LA will want to ride on the back of it? And after all that effort farding (word of the day — look it up), we’ll maybe make it to Chinatown before the battery dies?

  • sbraman

    OK, so I had maybe 70 miles of realistic range with just myself on there, picked up the girl, who while is physically small, has to add at least the equivalent of 120lbs in full gear and added wind resistance….. so that means our destination must be the end of the bridge, and hopefully they have a plug/quick charger available as I used most of my charge just getting to her place.
    and this costs how much?
    Sorry, and I really, really want electric bikes to be a viable option…. but no matter how cool you make it look, it will never be cool when she’s walking along side of you pushing it back toward home, completely pissed off.
    Save the cash on the marketing and invest it in battery development!!

    • robotribe

      120 lbs? That little girl is pushing 110; even with the gear. The guy looked like what I look like on a bike: 5’7″ at best.

      What I took away was, “two-up on the Empulse R is all good, provided both of you have the combined weight of 240 lbs… MAX.

      Still, cool bike.

  • mugget

    Was that the gear shift leve that looked like it was close to decking out? That could make for a visceral ride…

  • Keith

    “You mean if I buy this bike, that chick will want to ride on the back of it?”
    Not if you make her wait that long! LoL

  • craha

    Couldn’t pay attention to video. Too busy looking at that cheap-ass looking swing arm… Why?

  • Zirq

    The more that I see this bike the more that it looks like a pregnant seahorse.

    This video makes no chronological sense. He revs the throttle with gloves on and then zips up his jacket without gloves.

    Speaking of gloves, what’s with no gloves on the passenger? What a squid.

    Doesn’t Atlas work for Motorcycle USA the content farm of Motorcycle Superstore? Shouldn’t they be promoting safety being as they sell motorcycle safety equipment?

    The video sucks. The bike sucks. The only thing that might suck more is atlas’s studded skinny jeans, his exaggerated riding posture and that bimbo.

  • sanjuro

    Atlas might have a nice ass, but we don’t get the chance to see his chest.

    Like after 30 minutes hauling a passenger, he has to push his Brammo to the closest power outlet. I bet I would take off my jacket and shirt for that task.

  • Chris