Watch Jay Leno ride the Mission R

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Last year, the Mission R made history at the TTXGP, throwing down laps of Laguna Seca that would have qualified it for a Supersport 600 race. Here, some schlocky comedian (Wes is jealous -grant) talks to our buddy David Salguero before swinging a leg over the electric superbike.

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  • Paul

    Very cool. For a note from the past of motorcycling,its worth reading the obit of the Michigan Madman in the NYTimes today.

  • Jake Leslie

    I am not saying it’s ugly, but I’m bummed they didn’t bring Yves Behar in on this one too. If I saw (not heard) that scooting down the road, I’d think anonymous Japanese sport bike. The Mission One looked like an RC8 from 2040.

    • Scott-jay

      Yves Behar, the vibrator guy?
      : )

  • Roman

    Wonder how much it would cost if sold on the market. $25K? $30K? Very desirable bike…

    • protomech

      It’s the closest thing the electric bike world has to a MotoGP bike .. not just in performance, but also in bespoke one-off components.

      The previous iteration, the Mission One bike, was targeting a 50 unit run at $70k each. Note: this price is about as solid as the Empulse’s projected price of $10-14k and the Tesla Roadster’s projected price of $92k.

      Lightning Motorcycles has a $40k sticker on their racebike. I’d love to see a review .. maybe something HFL could tackle :)

  • Restless Lip Syndrome

    I find it to be very attractive and that noise is pretty cool too. What a big teaser though, you can’t buy this bike, even if you had to pockets deep enough to afford something like this. It at least makes me excited for the future.

    Second thought: his helmet situation made me giggle. I would think that Jay Leno has enough notoriety to get his own custom-shaped helmet. The fact that his chin hangs down under his helmet by at least 1.5 – 2 inches doesn’t look promising in the event of a crash. *shrug*

    • robotribe

      Dual sport helmet.

      Chin exposure problem = fixed.

    • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]

      Yeah, I noticed that too, and I also wondered why he doesn’t have a fully custom helmet.

    • DAVID

      he does have a rather prominent chin

  • Racetrack Style

    That bike (seen in person) single-handedly changed my mind about ev bikes. The chassis, rear swingarm & suspension, and integrated motor are super cool.

    The lighting on the street bike is a fresh look.

  • fred vg

    Looks very promising, but that Android tablet better not have a capacitive touch screen… Maybe for $70k they can throw in a pair of gloves with conductive fingertips?

  • Simon

    14kwh pack, 120kw moto, 250kg…

  • Coreyvwc

    Damn you Jay Leno and all your cool shit…

    • Brad W.

      Maybe if he gave us some of his bikes, he could find more time to be funny.

    • Racetrack Style

      good art work on the walls of the garage, too

      • Sauciér

        Hey! Not related to this article but I am still digging my Rossi and Simoncelli key chains. Nice to see you on HFL!

  • James Legg

    For people outside the US like me who can’t seem to watch the nbc video you can see some footage of the bike here:

  • Greg Rietema

    Great stuff! Thanks for the video HFL.

  • Wolfgang Romero

    Too bad the vid is not available for this country

  • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]

    I love the look of the Mission R. I think it’s one of the most beautiful motorcycles — ICE or EV — in current news.

    With that said, this video has to be the biggest YAWN-inducing production I’ve watched in a long time. 12-year-olds on YouTube can do better lighting, sound recording, editing, mixing, post, etc.

    Compare this to an HFL production, for example, offering real-world information, exciting riding footage, a bit of humor, and an honest, human perspective — in less than 10 minutes. Meanwhile, in 18 minutes, Jay Leno and the totally-forgettable Mission marketing guy basically repeated the same 5 facts/opinions over and over again — and all of the riding was dead BORING.

    • dux [87 CBR600, 95 XR600R]

      No wheelies! Lame.

    • Scott-jay

      Video’s ride segments remind us, even California roads/riding can be mundane.

  • Core

    That was slick!

    The day this tech is truly viable though..(IE affordable to non wealthy people) well at the rate things are going I’ll be 90 years old.

  • Greg

    I can’t wait for this technology to become available and affordable to the masses.

  • mugget

    Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.

    I think I’ll always like my K6 Gixxer (at least for as long as I can keep it running), but next new bike is looking like it will be and electric superbike. Very much looking forward to the low maintenance schedule…

  • Matt W

    lol didnt have a helmet that fit Jays face i guess