72 Hours of Empire is coming

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By now, you’re aware that Nick Apex, Ernie Vigil and Shin Kinoshita are absolutely, terrifyingly insane. But, have you witnessed that insanity when combined with girls, guns, bootleg contraband and cheap Ferraris? You will when 72 Hours with Empire drops on July 2nd. Here’s the trailer.

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  • Alex

    Cheap Ferrari sounds like a oxymoron!

    • Campisi

      Hey, man, the Fiero was alright by ’88.

  • Steve

    OK, they’ve got mad skills. But I’m calling bull on the melodramatic soundtrack and inserted shots of military, high rollers, automatic weapons, et al. You want real, terrifying, life-threatening drama? Try the TT or Macau or any of those other urban cagefights they call races (and I DON’T mean MotoGP or WSBK.) Seriously.

  • zipp4

    Which will be better? This or Gymkana 5?

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Gymkhana has about 100x the budget. Nick and Ernie are genuine, old school badasses.

  • Tommy

    I hate that I’m kind of excited to see this.

    • http://greatjoballweek.blogspot.com/ Case

      Exactly this.

      • Roman


    • http://twitter.com/metabomber Jesse

      I’m excited to be kind of excited to see this. I’ve always enjoyed what Nick, Ernie and Shin put out there to entertain us.

  • Andres Freire


  • Bronson

    After I hit a massive Powerball jackpot this is what my entourage would look like.

    …except for the acrobatics dudes. I’m not a big fan of that. Well, unless they were doing it with road flares, chainsaws, or something else cool in their hands.