Cops Are Bike-Hating Jerks In Dallas Too




So far as not getting pulled over and harassed by the cops goes, riding in a pack of “50-100” Gixxer squids probably isn’t the best plan. Still, staying under the speed limit and not doing anything dumb typically doesn’t merit this kind of harassment. Dallas squid Chris Moore was arrested by cops after refusing to turn over helmet cam footage of their ride.

Dallas police were specifically targeting squids this memorial day weekend after hundreds of them literally closed off a freeway for an impromptu, and highly illegal, stunt show last year.

According to Chris, those officers spotting his helmet cam and thought they could use it to make more arrests.

“The reason you’re being pulled over is because I’m gonna take your camera and we’re gonna use it as evidence of the crimes that have been committed by other bikers,” states the Sheriff’s deputy who pulled Chris over, in clear violation of his constitutional rights.

Chris was then arrested for a “concealed” license plate. While this screen grab does make it look like the plate’s position has been altered, it’s hardly concealed. Just the kind of bullshit cops throw at you when they need an excuse.

Chris’s bike was then impounded and he spent 8 hours in jail. His lawyer describes the cops’ behaviour as “just going rogue and pulling over the first guy they saw with a helmet camera on.”

Thanks for the tip, Tim.

  • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]

    Was that cop really that stupid to think that the camera footage — recording him acting foolishly — wouldn’t ever show up on TV or some publicly accessible website?

    • adeysworld

      He did us all a favor by exposing another LEO abusing his power.

      • Edward

        Awesome sunglasses though – so aerodynamic.

  • HammSammich

    Damn, they let their cops in Dallas get pretty tubby. He’s got muffin-top on his collar?!

    • Adrian_B

      Oh, he’s a skinny one. There’s a bunch much, much fatter. There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of fitness standards. Unless donut speed eating is counted.

  • Zirq


    Can you legally be arrested for a concealed plate? Isn’t that unlawful detainment, theft, numerous civil right violations, physical abuse, verbal abuse, etc?

    It seems like that officer should be suspended and an investigation commenced immediately. The city of Dallas should also hold a press conference to let citizens know that vigilante public servants won’t be tolerated and that they are safe.

    What happened to Texas being the good ol’ state that stood for what the USA once stood for?

    • Campisi

      “It seems like that officer should be suspended and an investigation commenced immediately. The city of Dallas should also hold a press conference to let citizens know that vigilante public servants won’t be tolerated and that they are safe.”

      At best, this officer will be put on a six-week paid vacation (ahem, “administrative leave”) while the sheriff’s office pretends to perform an “internal investigation” that amounts to waiting for the useless local media to move on to the next “human interest” story, before fully reinstating the officer into the good-ole-boys’ club with a pat on the back and a firm handshake. Crap like this happens every single day all around the country, motorcycle or not; coverage only happens when a particular incident leaks out or becomes too egregious to escape the necessary media dilution.

      “What happened to Texas being the good ol’ state that stood for what the USA once stood for?”

      I wasn’t born in Texas, but I grew up in the Metroplex. This statement has never been true at any point in my lifetime. The things that to older people fly in the face of “what the USA once stood for” has been the foundation of American society for my generation’s entire existence. The police aren’t here for us, and they don’t make bad situations better.

      • Zirq


        I’m from people’s republic of California. I always hear from people that Texas is “the last great state” or whatever.

        I suppose I’ll stay here where people tend to loose their shit and riot over civil atrocities.

  • Justin

    shitty cop

  • bluemilew


    Makes me scared to drive without a camera; I guess this is how Russians feel.

    • filly-fuzz

      Is this just fantasy?

      • Jesse

        Caught in a landslide?

        • James

          No escape from reality.

          • Maxwell

            Open your eyes, Look up to the skies and seeeee

            • bluemilew

              First HFL post where nobody got mad at me. WOOHOOOOOO

              • filly-fuzz

                I’m just a poor boy, I need no sympathy!

                • Ben W

                  Easy come, easy go, will you let me go?

              • Campisi

                COMBO BREAKER

    • pplassm

      Thuis sub-thread is WIN!

      • GGno


  • Skank NYCFastest

    If a cops is pulling you over its for one reason…to fuck with you. Thats why I never stop.

    • Ben W

      Every time I’ve been pulled over it’s because I was breaking the law. Every time, I’ve left without a ticket. But maybe I’m just lucky.

      • Campisi

        In my experience? Yep, you’re lucky (relative to my experience and that of others I know).

        Every time I’ve been pulled over on the motorcycle, the first thing I’ve been asked is “why didn’t you run?” All I can ever think to say in response is, “should I have?”

        • Braden (Griso 8V, SV650)

          I guess at least two of us are lucky. I’ve also been pulled over only for breaking the law and have always left without a ticket. As long as you aren’t dealing with cops like that and you maintain a modicum of respect, I think it could be true for most people.

          • HammSammich

            The only time I was ever pulled over on my bike, I was going 105mph in a 35mph (in a rural area w/ a weird speed zone near a cemetary). Turned out the guy was a US Marshall – not sure he could’ve written me a ticket, but he definitely could’ve detained me while he called in the local Sherriff’s office. To top it off, I had left my registration in my tank bag, which was sitting on my dining table. He let me go with a stern warning after running a check on my ID.

        • pplassm

          “Every time I’ve been pulled over on the motorcycle, the first thing I’ve been asked is “why didn’t you run?” ”

          I got asked that, too, the last time I was pulled over on a bike. Unfortunately, I did indeed receive a citation.

          • Campisi

            I’ve always received a citation on the motorcycle, and the worst I’ve ever been pulled over for was doing 70 in a 55 (just matching traffic). Nothing but respectful “yes sirs” and “no sirs” from me until he’s done adding a tally to his quota, and I’m on my way. I’ve had a couple judges knock the financial penalty down by fifty bucks now and again, but it always comes down to “the officer said this and his word trumps yours.”

            I like to think that requesting a hearing over each and every ticket costs the state about as much as they’ll be gathering up from me, but I know I’m just being petty.

  • Ben W

    The big stunting nonsense ran for two years – all originating as a “memorial” for a squid who died while racing on that highway and ran into another vehicle. The following two Memorial Days involved the highway being shut down by mobs of riders.

    Last year, the cops nabbed a bunch of participants because of riders dumb enough to post their footage on You Tube. This year, well in advance of Memorial Day, all of the news channels reported how aggresive the police presence on 75 would be. Forums talked about it. This was no secret sting.

    I’m not about to say that this is okay. It’s not cool. But anyone riding anywhere near that area on a sportbike that weekend should have been expecting it.

    Relationships with squids and cops has been terrible for years down here. Bike nights are quickly shut down, “justified” by the not-surprising number of accidents and illegal behavior taking place at the same time. Problem is, some groups have tried to find a middle ground but there doesn’t seem to be any to be found. Long as there keep being groups of riders trolling the highways, no one gets much love.

    That said, the only times I’ve been pulled over down here in six years were on group rides, though I’ve deserved to be far more often than that. Tough to explain why.

  • RagdollOp

    Why does the HFL article assume they are all “gixxer squids”?

    Anyway, I do think that his rights were violated and he should sue but who knows if he will win. Its just funny that constitutional rights matter in this case but in other cases no one cares about them because they know what is best for others.

    I don’t think bikers can just take over the city when they want but neither can the cops. There are laws for a reason.

    • stempere

      Because of the video of squids riding in t-shirts or even shirtless with just a back-protector?

      • RagdollOp

        Yeah, I saw some of them like that, but calling everyone riding out there squids is a big assumption and seems like a snobby attitude.

        • Sean MacDonald (the other Sean)

          you’re surprised wes has a snobby attitude?

      • Jesse

        Stempere got it in one.

  • Tim N.

    “Serve and protect?” I don’t feel safer. The aggressiveness of that officer is appalling. This type of behavior, in particular the unprovoked violence and complete lack of respect, from police officers happens way too frequently these days and there is never any news coverage of serious repercussions. That’s really the only way to end the fad. When officers are shown publicly that they will actually be held responsible for their actions, there might be fewer of these incidents.

  • Hamfisted

    I’m truly glad this happened. The endless cycle of stunta behavior and police harassment gives me hope that our actions do have repercussions, however unintentional.

    • tbowdre


      Do you really think forcefully taking a video camera, cuffing, verbally abusing and pushing a law abiding citizen into a cop car is okay?


      • Ben W

        It isn’t okay, but it’s not a crazy random occurrence or evidence of cops gone wild. Sadly, that’s how it’s being positioned here.

        • Devin

          It might not be random, but it still isn’t right. If you are taking my property, you better have a warrant, and the cop knows that. I’d say it does count as cops gone wild.

          • Ben W

            Fair enough. This cop did go pretty flippin’ nuts. I couldn’t see the video earlier.

  • R.Sallee (Ninja 250)

    How is a concealed license plate an arrestable offense?

    • Ben W

      Yeah, wondered that myself. This is absolutely a stupid move from the cop all around.

      Then again, not a great idea for the biker to be in that general area on Memorial weekend, too.

      • Devin

        It might the cop being an idiot, or it could be Texas law. I don’t know.

        Why shouldn’t a law abiding citizen ride his bike on Memorial Day Weekend?

        • Ben W

          Key words – “that particular area” Devin. After groups of stunters shut down the same highway the previous two Memorial Day weekends, the cops were very open on the news saying they were going to be aggressive in that area.

          Again, it’s not a matter of saying that what’s happened was right or justified. It’s not. But that situation was primed for a problem.

          I rode my bike Memorial Day weekend down here with no issue. I also went nowhere near an area that I knew, for the duration of the weekend, would have extreme enforcement as well as paranoid drivers.

          • Devin

            I understand what you mean about being in that area, but I would have expected tons of cops and zero tolerance on all possible violations. I would not have expected this to some guy minding his own business just wanting to witness all the mayhem.

            Reminds me of the scene in Pulp Fiction where John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson are debating whether it was kosher for one gangster to throw another out of a 4th story window for giving the other guy’s girlfriend a foot massage. “He had to expect SOME sort of reaction…”

            • Ben W

              I wonder if the same thing would have happened had he gone riding alone or with one or two friends versus the exact sort of group that cops targeted.

              Your Pulp Fiction reference is totally apt. Here’s how I explained it to someone yesterday:

              It’s like getting advance notice that someone’s going to go on a shooting spree at the mall next weekend. You hear the message but go to the mall anyways. Sure enough, you get shot. The shooting is a messed up thing and I’d hope the shooter is prosecuted to the full extent of the law. But you’re an idiot for going to that mall in the first place.

              It also reminds me of Dave Chapelle’s skit about women dressing up like sluts but getting mad when they’re treated that way. Paraphrasing, “Men, they’re right to be upset. You should always treat women with respect. But women, you have to understand, that’s confusing! Imagine if I put on a police uniform and went walking down the street. Sooner or later, someone would run up for me crying for help. ‘Oh no you didn’t! Just because I’m DRESSED like a cop doesn’t mean I AM one!’”

    • Ben W

      I looked this up. Apparently, with a Class C misdemeanor in TX, you can be held for a few days. Hurray for Texas!

  • Gene

    “Cops are assholes in Dallas too”


  • the_doctor

    That’s a shame. Still, a huge gaggle of gixxers is not the greatest idea in the world.

    • Jesse

      A Gaggle of Gixxers
      A Clutch of CBRs
      A Drove of Ducati
      A Brood of BMW

      • pplassm

        A Herd of Harleys

        • Jesse

          A Murder of Moto-Guzzi
          A Brace of Bultacos

          • TheZakken

            A Troop of Triumphs
            A Pride of Parillas

            • Zirq

              A Swarm of Squids

              • Bronson

                A treasure trove of Triumphs
                An assemblage of Aprilias
                A bevy of Buells

                …and a motherfucking mass of maniacal men manhandling motards

                • je

                  A Jamboree of Jawas
                  A Tribe of Indians

                • pplassm


                  Ten lyrical, spherical, diabolical denizens of the deep who haul stall around the corner of the quo of the quay of the quivery, all at the same time.

                • Jesse

                  HFL: Murdering WordPress’ nested comment limits, one post thread at a time.

  • Core

    I want to respect cops again.. but so far I’ve seen nothing to motivate me to do so.

    The older I grow the more bitter I become.

  • Case

    It’s probably not a coincidence that this idiot asshole cop was caught on tape being an idiot asshole. Some cops are likely decent, reasonable people. This guy is neither, and he deserves to get fired. It’s so cliche when a cop abuses his power that we become numb to how fucked up it is.

    • robotribe

      “It’s so cliche when a cop abuses his power that we become numb to how fucked up it is.”


  • Thomas

    Next it will be “ohh were just gonna come into your house without a warrant” this is what slowy happened to lead to Nazi Germany smh