Crashed 2005 R1 sets new Ring record

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A crashed, repaired, road-legal 2005 Yamaha R1 has unofficially set a new lap record of the Nurburgring. Lapping in 7 minutes, 10 seconds, Andy Carlile bested the previous record by a full 20 seconds. Andy’s R1 is completely street legal, down to the tires, mirrors, license plate and headlight and uses a completely stock motor.

Photo: Frozenspeed

“It’s not a highly modified cheque-book special, it’s not an ex-factory race bike,” Andy told Nurburgring fan site Bridge To Gantry. “It’s just a carefully developed 2005 Yamaha YZF-R1. Bought crash damaged for £4000 back in 2007, because the faithful, mercilessly thrashed ZX-6R was just too slow.”

Modifying his R1 to be a ring special, Andy focused primarily on making the ergonomics more comfortable for the 14-mile laps. Then replaced the shock with a higher quality aftermarket item, revalving and respringing the forks to suit. The most expensive modification is the fitment of lightweight BST carbon wheels. Andy runs street-legal Dunlop track day tires.

Andy works as an instructor and in various other functions at the ‘Ring and has completed, by his own estimation, thousands of laps in the five years he’s lived there.

  • Bronson

    And he did it with traffic. Nice.

  • Turf


  • austin_2ride

    I’m not sure if my math is correct but would that be a just under 120 mph lap average?

    Literally awesome!

  • Jesse

    90:10 rider:bike.
    Mad props to the nut attached to the clip ons.

    • mugget


      I was just thinking that when I saw the heading on this.

      Stuff like this helps to keep perspective when I start thinking about how the latest RSV4, 1199, CBR1000RRRR would make me a faster rider…

      • Jesse

        Yeah, I realize I use only a speck of the capability of my trusty old Honda F3. Best thing I could do is get some track lessons in.

    • zipp4

      Exactly. Why is this guy not racing for a satellite team?

  • Ryan

    holy shnikies

  • Dylan

    Anyone else’s head/upper body start to move while watching it? By the end I kept “transferring” my weight with my upper body and turning my head to look into the corners haha. Loved it

  • Coreyvwc

    That guy is amazing. 90% rider 10% machine.

  • Pat

    Andy Carlile aka Andypath (psychopath).
    Check out Performance Bikes from a few years ago. They used to speed test bikes there with Andy and “The Baron”. Very cool – makes me want to move to Europe.

  • RSassi

    I want that life.

  • DavidMG

    Absolutely terrifying! I get nervous just watching the front end shake.

    • Sean Smith

      That would actually be the rear doing a little fishtail as he backs it in as the cameras are mounted to the chassis, not the forks. But yeah, absolutely terrifying!

  • wwalkersd

    Um, there’s an error in your description. The most expensive modification isn’t the carbon fiber wheels. It’s “Andy works as an instructor and in various other functions at the ‘Ring and has completed, by his own estimation, thousands of laps in the five years he’s lived there.”

    That right there is the real story of how this lap was achieved.

  • Edward

    I could totally do that.

    jk roflmao loller skates.

    Some crazy ass shit. Wonder if he races TT, NW200, Macau, etc.

  • Jericho7


  • Gene

    So every time I watch an N’ring video, I have to wonder… WTF is up with all the graffiti on the track surface?

    • Campisi

      My understanding is that people sneak onto the track from the surrounding forest and write stuff on the track surface.

  • Archer

    It’s a tradition.

    One wishes someone with an idle 750 million euro or so would bring that track up to current standards. It’s positively scary- Armco 8 feet off your elbow in some places. Not to mention the bumps and patchwork pavement repairs.

    This guy must have trouble walking with a set of avocadoes like that.

    • mugget

      I dunno, that’s all part of it. And it’s not actually a track, it’s a road. Hence the mix of vehicles and slower ones moving to the right just as they would on the Autobahn.

      Also there are plenty of other tracks with close armco.

      • Gene

        Um, it *is* a track, just one that every bloke with enough Euros to pay the fee and a vehicle that doesn’t leak fluids can go on.

        • mugget

          Really? A track that you must drive according to German road law? A track where accidents will result in a police report? A track where police will issue fines for dangerous driving? A track where you pay for vehicle recovery and damage to the track barriers? That doesn’t sound like any track I’ve been on.

          Oh yeah, that’s because it’s a road.

          • Ben W

            Interesting. Hit up Wikipedia to find…

            “The Nordschleife (“Northern Loop” only) has remained a one-way, public toll-road for nearly 80 years except when it is closed off for testing purposes, training lessons, or racing events. Since its opening in 1927 the track has been used by the public for the so-called “Touristenfahrten,” i.e. to anyone with a road legal car or motorcycle, as well as tour buses, motor homes, or cars with trailers. It is opened mainly on Sundays, but also many Saturdays and weekday evenings. The track may be closed for weeks during the winter months depending on weather conditions and maintenance work.
            Nordschleife is often open to the public. Three Caterhams are entering Brünnchen, a spectator vantage point.
            Porsche GT3 RS approaching Adenauer Forst, a blind chicane on the Nordschleife.
            Crashed BMW Z3 M coupé on the recovery truck

            German road law applies during Touristenfahrten sessions. There is no general speed limit although speed limits exist in certain areas in order to reduce noise and risks. Passing on the right is prohibited and the police prosecute poor driving with the aid of helicopters.”

            There’s more to read there, but it’s apparently a bit of both.

  • filly-fuzz

    People with iPads:
    Lock the screen an try to keep the road flat,
    Good fun

    • Jesse

      And then we were like WHOA.

      • JVictor75

        No joke there! I don’t own an iPad and initially thought that doing what filly-fuzz recommended would be fun on a lark. Then I borrowed one from a friend at work just to watch the video.

        WHOA indeed.

        My friend (former rider, current ZO6 owner) was watching with me and he said “WHOA” a couple times as well.

  • Andres Freire

    Wow, that was awesome!

  • Triman023

    Its not the arrow its the indian.

    • DoctorNine

      It’s not the horse, it’s the jockey.

      • NickK

        It’s not the hat, it’s the cattle.