MotoCzysz breaks 100mph TT barrier

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Riding the 2012 MotoCzysz E1pc, Michael Rutter has shattered the electric motorcycle lap record at the Isle of Man TT. Rutter lapped with an average speed of 100mph, closely followed by the Mugen (Honda) Shinden and then fellow MotoCzysz rider Mark Miller, who also broke the 100mph barrier. The lap claimed Rutter and MotoCzysz £10,000 in prize money, which probably covered a portion of the team’s airfare to and from the race. More importantly, the speed represents a significant milestone both for MotoCzysz and electric motorcycle development as a whole.

  • protomech

    104.056 mph, 21:45.33

    102.215 mph, 22:08.85

    101.065 mph, 22:23.97

    Rutter shaved nearly a minute off of his time from last year. Very big congratulations to all the racers.

  • Robin

    Credit to Mugen (Honda), first time out and cracked the 100mph barrier.

    • jp182

      that IS pretty respectable

  • Anders

    Great work by MotoCzysz. What’s next?

    • Jeff

      Can’t wait for this stuff to trickle down to us.

  • Frosty_spl

    Hell yea!

  • Devin

    Tail-end Wings of Hermes for the win?

    • David

      Yeah, I wonder how much if anything else was changed. Would be nice to know exactly how much gained via aero.

    • Campisi

      Segway gives you wings!

  • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]

    Pretty friggin’ awesome that Michael Czysz’s pre-race prediction was dang close to how the race played out. He predicted that this year, three or four riders would exceed the 100 MPH average, and the winning average would be closer to 105 MPH.

  • Chris

    That is a big advance for MotoCzysz, and a big step out of the gate for Honda. Electrics will definitely have a future, just a matter of time.

  • John2

    Asked about the 10,000 pounds prize money he gets for going over 100 mph, and the fact that Miller and John McGuinness also made it, Rutter said he “I’d already told (Miller) I’d share half with him, anyway, and John, I’ll probably give him about 10 quid as well.”

  • Campisi

    The bodywork certainly looks better at that (lean) angle.

  • KR Tong

    Anyone have a link to some footage?