Sliding Catalunya at 1,000fps

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Here, Mssrs Lorenzo, Hayden, Stoner and Rossi demonstrate the fine art of using the rear wheel to steer through Catalunya’s Turn 2. An abrupt left-hander following the huge braking of Turn 2 and the fast sweep of 3, the riders are able to take a tighter line by spinning the rear. Probably best not to try this at home, at least not on a 190/65-16.5 slick.

  • Gene

    Dude. I don’t think I could hit a line that accurately if I was pushing the bike, much less at 80mph spinning the rear tire! Stoner is da man.

  • the_doctor

    These 1000fps shots are amazing. These boys, they know how to motorcycle.

  • JVictor75

    I can only imagine what a combination of HQ onboard High Def cameras and attempting to “keep the ground flat using an iPad” like from the R1/Nürburgring video thread would be like.

    Would love to have something similar to that video here, or from the TT to play with. (I know there are probably hundreds or thousands available, so I’m just making a comment. Not asking for links.)

  • ~RUSH~

    I watched that race this morning. Totally rad riding.

  • smoke4ndmears

    What an amazing machine human kind is.

  • RT Moto

    Casey Stoner had that thing sideways!!! His rear is cutting the line while the front is just along for the ride. Insane!!!

  • Coreyvwc

    Stoner. Does not give a single fuck about physics.

    • Ax

      Typical stoner.

      • AHA

        Front wheel pointed away from the corner, elbow scraping, most of his body except his right arm & leg underneath the bike – isn’t he basically low-siding round that corner? Stands the bike back up on sheer speed and chutzpah!

    • mugget

      Hahaha. You win best comment.

  • Mark D [EX500]

    “Oh…no…no…no way…SHUT UP how are they doing that?!”

  • Scott-jay

    Are vid riders ‘throwing it sideways, like dirt-track?

    If they’re power sliding, or spinning-up rear wheel, are riders also switching off traction control here?

    • mugget

      No, I wouldn’t say they’re “throwing it sideways” like dirt track. Dirt track riders typically enter the corner with the rear sliding. The examples in the above video all show the riders entering the corner normally, wheels in line – then they slide it just when they want to (probably using a combination of throttle and changing their weighting between inside/outside footpeg).

      Traction control does not stop the wheel spinning all together. It’s actually necessary for the wheel to spin/slip a certain amount to achieve maximum traction & acceleration. But certain riders do tune their TC to varying degrees of influence.

      Dat shiz is cray.

  • DoctorNine

    What shit about this ‘Blip’ makes it not work?

  • ladd lindholm

    wheeew, tired just lookin

  • 1198freak

    Wow.. Stoner is amazing, I could only dream of being able to get it over like that.