The luckiest idiot you’ll see all year

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I don’t even know what to say. Just watch this video and try not to hide your eyes. The estimated speed at impact was 70mph and yes, he does walk away from this.

  • Brad

    Guy is obviously made out of rubber.

  • James

    Always where a helmet.

    • smoke4ndmears


      • Mark D [EX500]

        On your head, silly.

        • Jesse

          Snarfed my coffee. Well played, Mark.

        • Fizzy Fox

          Ha! Excellent.

    • Scott-jay

      And, a stuffed back-pack.

    • Bronson

      At least his shoe didn’t go far

      • Roman

        Dude is wearing sandals…unreal

  • Justin

    very lucky idiot

  • Jhon Alexander

    WTF?!..i don’t get what’s going on here,,,looks like he had the entire street to himself..was he disoriented or did he really need to drive thru the drive thru!…

  • mugget

    Lesson: stay relaxed when you crash.

    Of course it’s best not to crash in the first place…

    • doublet

      That’s along the lines of what I was thinking! He was so oblivious it didn’t even occur to him to tense up.

  • smoke4ndmears

    I do this shit in GTA all the time.

    • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]


    • MotoRandom

      Do you shoot the occupants of the car because WTF were they doing parked there in your path? I mean if it’s a cab driver it’s pretty much a given because he’s gonna come over and start a fight anyway.

      • Ax

        Stupid malaka!

  • Ian Vanderburg

    Doesn’t even look real…

  • Your_Mom

    First name: Moe
    Last name: Ron

  • 10/10ths

    That’s gonna leave a mark.

    • Bronson

      In his shorts

  • Joel

    To save someone else the 2 minutes and 50 seconds of life I’ll never get back – you can skip everything after the first 10 seconds.

  • NewOldSchool

    If you look carefully from the beginning he went way wide on a left hand turn, went up against the curb and lost it.

    The rest is luck.

  • Archer

    Eastern Europe? Cars and plates look like it. Backpack probably helped.

    • Dani Peral

      You can see at least 3 Dacias in the video, so yeah, Eastern Europe, maybe Romania, where those cars are made.

      • stempere

        Also, romanian flag in the shot.

        • slowtire

          Good eyes! I missed that. Ok, what kind of bike was he riding?

        • Stefan

          I’ve been in SF too long. My brain registered the gay pride flag

  • Mykola

    So was it the guy on the motorbike, or the guy who got out of the car to try dodging it?

  • Dani Peral

    We have a saying here…If i crash, dont take out my helmet, nor my wallet!

    He seems to take a couple of hits in the head…not so bad, but still better keep it on.

    • stempere

      He also banged a knee pretty hard on the wall, once the adrenalin wears off that’s gonna hurt.
      Lucky bastard.

  • Lama glama

    What happened to the motorcycle? He flies off and bounces off the wall, and the motorcycle seems to vanish into the car after the hit.

    • Jesse

      I’m going to guess that it is pretty well lodged in the grille of that first car.

      • zato1414

        I think it bounced off and landed in the sign next to the car. Nice looking helmet, I thought the big guy was going to slap the crap out of him.

  • FiveG

    I’m still trying to figure out . . . why? If he was going wide to do a left hand turn, the road doesn’t look like it has any curve at all.

    Did he come down the road and target fixate on the vehicle that was facing him? Maybe he saw that, freaked out, and ran into where he was looking.

    • Greg

      He’s coming wide out of a left hand curve, not setting up for one. If you look closely at the top of the video, you can see the curve in the road. The rider is one lucky SOB.

  • the_doctor

    That shit cray.

  • kidchampion

    That banner saved his life.

  • Sasha Pave

    Don’t text and ride.

  • Core

    So what happen, the dude have a blutooth head set and he’s married and the wife was like “I’m pregnant!” and he’s like “Screw this I’m signing off permanently”.. but he even screwed that up?

  • Jericho7

    This is why we all need springs under our seats.

  • je

    Since no one else is going to ask, what hell is in the backpack?

    • Archer

      12 heads and a sheep, obviously.

    • Campisi

      Other backpacks, in case he has to carry stuff.

  • stackhousehouse

    I can’t see how the bloke in the car got such a bad limp from that? The bike must have gone right up in the car.

  • KLR_Pilot

    At least a fire truck was nearby.

  • CCarey

    I hope theres a chesty girl in a black tank top around to console me everytime I crash! And a stuffed backpack to absorb the impact of coarse.

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