The madness of Michael Dunlop

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Watch TT3D yet? In it, this year’s Supersport race winner describes his mentality on the TT’s start line by saying, “my mind just goes to madness.” Michael Dunlop is one of the most dramatic riders racing the Isle of Man right now, wheelying, slapping and sliding in places other racers are just smooth, something the slow motion action in this video really captures.

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  • John2

    >his mentality on the TT’s start line

    On the grid just before the start of one of the Supersport TT races this year, the commentator on Manx Radio asked Michael, “What are your thoughts?”

    “I haven’t got any thoughts.”

    It’s working for him, for sure.

    • mugget

      Yep, sometimes that’s the best way to be. Not a good thing to have your mind filled with a bunch of things that won’t help you, for instance thinking about “not crashing”.

      You can’t not think about something.

      For instance – don’t think about a pink elephant.

      See. ;)

  • Scott-jay

    ’83, Joey Dunlop TT lap link

    • ontheroad

      I love that old on-board footage from Joey.

    • TheZakken

      Fuck me. Joey Dunlop 1983! That was hypnotic and terrifying.

  • muckluck

    What do these guys look like on an actual race track?

    • bpeters


    • Case

      Guy Martin was in BSB for a season and didn’t do very well. He was 18th overall in 2008. Ian Hutchinson was aiming to do better in BSB last year but was in a really bad crash and almost lost his leg. He was back at the TT this year but not the same rider. A year off and a permanently damaged leg will do that. So lately the top guys haven’t done all that great, although McGuinness had some good results with the Honda Legends team this year.

      Indeed they are bored. Martin has said he can’t stay focused when he rides ‘short circuits’.

  • muckluck

    how did guy martin do this round?

    • smoke4ndmears

      not so good. in two out of three races he had technical issues, and the other race he was way off the front runners’ pace.

  • TheZakken
  • mokjrr

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