The toughest obstacle course ever

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One of the most unique events in motorcycling took place in Romania yesterday. To determine the starting order of the four-day Romaniacs “Hard Enduro,” competitors start by spending a day on the streets of Sibiu, racing enduro bikes over what can best be described as a trials course — cable spools, boulders, hanging tire pummels, you know, the kind of stuff you encounter on a dirt bike every day. The event was won by Jonny Walker, the same guy who just placed first at the Erzberg Rodeo.

Photos: Mihai Stetcu/Predrag Vuckovic

  • nick2ny

    Either those guys are really good, or that’s just supposed to look like an obstacle course.

    • nick2ny

      meant to italicize look rather than supposed.

      It looks like my foot is in my mouth.

  • the_doctor

    They build boulders differently in Romania, apparently.

    • Scott-jay

      Red Bull rocks.

  • Bronson

    I love this shit. Please post the other videos as they come.

    • nick2ny

      Go here and check back for new videos. (they’re ordered most recent at the top. I’d try to find an RSS way to do it, but it always turns out to be Really Complicated syndication).

  • nymoto

    Which Johnny Walker – red, black, gold, green or blue?
    I would say he deserves the Blue.