Watch a Honda Hornet bungee jump

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Taking a motorcycle bungee jumping isn’t just a case of strapping on a couple more strands of elastic. Both rider and bike have to be equally, but separately suspended and must achieve equal deceleration rates. The bike must then be ridden off the platform in such a manner that it doesn’t become tangled in the cord and must end up, a the extend of extension, level, with the rider on top. The rider’s got to make sure he doesn’t interfere with the travel of the bike’s cord, while keeping his clear too. Basically, Olivier from MotoRevue is both braver and smarter than we are. That’s him riding off this 200-foot viaduct.

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  • duncanbojangles

    I’m surprised this didn’t occur in New Zealand.

  • david folch

    Hey, you’re welcome mofo.

    • Wes Siler

      Thanks David.

  • DavidMG

    This sounded a lot better than it actually was on video.

  • muckluck


    • ike6116

      Why not?

    • ike6116

      Why ask why? TRY BUD DRY!

  • Dan

    Sadly, the Hornet is dull enough that even riding one off a bridge isnt terribly exciting to watch.

    We may miss out on some of the practical euro market all-rounders here, but something about all that practicality makes me want to take a nap. Thank god for the street triple, etc.

    • Paul D

      Hear, hear!

  • Nick Hobbs

    Perfect escape/getaway system for my next high-rise heist . . just not on a Hornet

  • je

    Ahhh shit, HFL has been hacked! That’s the only explanation this snooze fest made it on the site.

  • Archer

    I have to admit that wasn’t nearly as cool as Wes’s write up makes it sound.

    Now, riding that bike out the hatch of a C130 at 10000 feet…

  • Viron

    That was like a location joke, ‘you just had to be there’

  • Andres Freire

    What’s with all the CB1000R hate? It’s a grat overall motorcycle.

    • Dustin Bolander

      I loved my 599, just switched to a 919 in december. Yes not the most fun, but its comfortable for a couple hundred miles and you get honda reliability

      • Ben W

        My old 599 never got the memo about “Honda reliability.” Damn shame, too.

  • the_doctor

    Why do I pay for HFL, again?

    • ike6116

      sweet links and to help subsidize RideApart?

      • je

        Worth it…

    • Wereweazle

      Yeah, I’ve kind of gone from checking every day to finally giving up on refreshing reddit, tumblr, facebook, and Jalopnik six times each before remembering that I can check HFL. Then there’s usually no new content anyway.

      • Ben W

        Leveraging the RSS feed takes out the guesswork.