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We’ve heard from some people that TT3D is the only movie to ever do the Isle of Man TT justice. Others, usually those actually connected to the racing, have described it as sensationalist, focusing on the danger, crashing, injury and death over the actual motorcycle riding and personalities. Never released in the US, we’re unable to weigh in on that debate. But, in about an hour and forty-five minutes, we’ll be able to. That’s because the entire documentary is now online.

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Thanks for the tip, Daniel.

  • Ganesh

    is this a illegal copy? goes only to 360p.. I don’t mind paying to watch online – but amazon, itunes, netflix don’t carry it and I don’t want to buy the DVD copy – don’t have a player – I don;t understand bonehead moves like not making this movie available online in legal way just like top gear makes only past seasons available versus current season on itunes store forcing me “steal” on torrent

    • Wes Siler

      Yeah, I’d love to be able to pay to watch it in HD. Sadly, there’s no distribution in most of the world…

      • Tom Fiegener

        I’ve been dying to see this! Thanks for posting! Need subtitles in English to understand Guy’s English!

        • Dani Peral

          If no company has bought the rights in your country then it is not illegal, right?

          Anyway, its a really great movie, somebody posted it in a spanish suzuki forum and I thought you guys would like it :)

  • Frosty_spl

    Is this available as a 3d blueray?

    • Jeremy

      It is but its region encoded so you cant play it unless you have a region 2 player I think, or a region free player.

      Real bummer I would love to watch it in blu ray 3d

      • Frosty_spl

        Ughh what the shit!

        • Gene

          The professional pirates all deliver Region 0, non-CSS discs. *They* know how to please the customer. — Jasper Janssen

  • Yaw

    It’s not a legal copy, someone ripped the DVD and put it on YouTube.

    It’s a shame we can’t get in the states. I’ve seen it in high def and it was absolutely incredible.

  • markbvt

    We can get it in the US as a Region 2 disc; just watch it on a computer or other region-switchable or -free player. It’s well worth the effort. Really, really good flick.

  • Chris Davis

    Three minutes in, I’m wishing for English subtitles.

    • Xenophya


  • ontheroad


  • carter

    I can’t understand a word these cats are saying, but it sounds great. “Ah glabel me mates in baharg goils onna roit over tha waall.”

  • mik lo

    Awesome movie!!! When I first watched, about half way through I was so excited that I started to gear up ready to take my zx6 to the streets “tt” style. Then last 5-10 minutes of violent crashes and death made me relax and go for a leisurely (extra cautious) ride.

  • David Strakovsky

    Awesome movie, honestly the best motorcycle film i’ve ever seen, and i’ve tried watching quiet a few. This definitely has it’s scary moments, my girlfriend barely wanted to look at my bike let alone let me go to the track a few weeks later. Very well done film, can’t understand a damn word they’re saying, which just makes it a bit funny.

  • Sean MacDonald (the other Sean)

    i have an HD copy on my computer that was purchased completely legally i could probably find a way to share.

    • RT Moto

      You should do that… Wink wink…

    • Jericho7

      Please keep me posted:-) I just watched this low res version 3 times and keep wanting to watch it again. Would love to see in HD on the big screen…J.

  • David Howland

    Absolutely fantastic film. This probably lead to me finally taking the plunge into the 2-wheeled world.

    I’ve been a car guy for a while and have been racing for a bit over 4 years but it wasn’t until early this year that I got my M-endorsement and went out and bought a bike.

    Its a shame this wasn’t released state-side because its one film I’d love to pay to get in HD. I had to break down and acquire it by other means.. TT3D must have run over a dozen times in our house so far.

  • The Blue Rider

    Been wanting to acquire a copy for a while, I’m glad somebody’s helped me see it.

    It’s just so beautiful…

  • jonoabq

    Thank you, a better slice of the TT than I have ever seen on film. Easily the the best and most personally engaging video I have seen all year, hands down.

  • Nicolas

    Thank you guys so much for this. I was seriously wondering how I was gonna hunt down a copy. Thanks again.

  • Archer

    I only wish I had seen this post earlier than 12 midnight. When I finally got to sleep at 5AM after watching this and then tossing and turning for three hours thinking about it, then getting up at 6 as usual, it made for a long day at work.

    Yeah it had serious impact, even though I knew exactly what to expect. Can a filmmaker ask for more? Probably not.

    I must say it did give me a slightly different perception of Guy Martin, one of my minor heroes was knocked down a half-notch- not because of his riding, hell the 20th place guy in the TT has twelve pounds more avocados between his legs than me- it was the hissyfits that slightly put me off. Still love the guy’s overall persona. Just not quite as much.

  • paulo

    Had the pleasure of watching this in the cinema it was hilarious watching the audience in front of me leaning the corners in their chairs (I was too) such an immersive and well crafted piece of storytelling, I got th DVD and my girlfriend loved it confirming to me that it has an appeal much wider than just a motorcycling audience.

  • Viron

    You can download the hi-res copy off of The Pirate Bay. Just put tt3d in the search. Cheers.