12 Jorge Lorenzos

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It wasn’t the best weekend for Jorge Lorenzo, but Yamaha’s photographers did manage to create this composite image of the former Champ taking a right-left transition at Assen. From one apex to another, in a matter of yards, the image highlights how quickly and precisely GP bikes change direction. Likely created by combining images from multiple laps, it also shows how precisely riders track a specific line in search of that last hundredth of a second. This is what handling looks like.

  • Dani Peral

    Theres also a program called “Dartfish”, which composes this kind of images from a video (maybe a high-fps one). It also creates this kind of things in movement, it looks pretty cool.

    But yeah this one is probably from different laps, as the last 4 lorenzos look non-aligned.

  • Rick

    Funny that they didn’t crop out the IVECO signage and make a far better image…

  • http://www.postpixel.com.au mugget

    How precisely GP bikes change direction? More like how precisely world-class racers change direction. ;)

    4th last Lorenzo could be steering, which is why it looks out of line with the others because the front wheel is facing away from the corner and it doesn’t start to face into the corner until the 2nd last Lorenzo.