Destination: Laguna Seca

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Andrea Dovizioso

Sean, Ashlee and I are riding up to Laguna Seca on a Triumph Tiger Explorer and an Aprilia RSV4, watching some motorcycle race type thing and generally fucking around with bikes this weekend. Because all of you secretly want to be us, we’ll share our fabulous lives via Instagram feeds, embedded for each of us below. Fuck yeah, motorcycles!




  • stempere

    Damn that icon 1000 collection is still so nice, no matter how much i try to convince myself otherwise…

    Has anyone here tried the chapter jacket in hot weather (30C/86F)? How is it without le liner?

    • Ben W

      Problem with those boots is that, without the photo filter kicking in, the yellow stitching on black leather really stands out. It would require rolling them in the dirt for a long while to get them down to an appropriately subtle level.

      • JTB

        Sharpies fix that in most cases.

        • Ben W

          That’s a good suggestion. I think that would work great with a steady hand.

          Just so we’re clear on my lack of fashion sense, though, I took Sharpies to my five fingers shoes to black them out. I’m not 100% thrilled with the look but, hell, they’re toe shoes.

          • zerospry

            Think black shoe polish would also work? Figure it’s a leather boot, should be able to buff the excess polish out.

            • Sean Smith

              Pecard’s Leather Lotion softens them up and mink oil with bees wax darkens and helps hold creases. You’ll never make the sticking disappear; the boot flexes around those lines.

    • R__M

      I’ve got the 1000 boots, gloves, and chapter jacket, and have been wearing them around LA for the last few months. I don’t get uncomfortably hot in the boots or gloves. The jacket is warm, but compared to other leather jackets I’ve had it’s either cooler or the same. I only really start sweating when I’m off the bike, but it’s still a leather jacket in warm weather.

      • stempere

        Thanks for the insight.

  • JMcMahon

    Are you guys all camping at Laguna? Stake out you spot early otherwise you will wind up sleeping on an incline, flat ground is at premium around the track. Last year I got in late on Friday and all the choice spots were spoken for. I picked the least sloped piece of ground I could find. It also had a tree that provided some shade. When the fog burned off and the midday sun was out the pine tree oozed sap all over my tent! Some guys up the hill from us set up a stage and played music into the early morning. Laguna is one of my absolute favorite places to camp. The fans and the track are amazing, I really regret not being there this year.

    Indy on the other-hand, I spent most of the night worrying that some asshole would launch his bike through my tent while doing rev limiter burn outs in the grass. Yes, grass burn outs. Have fun sleeping through the cacophony of sportbikes with “GP exhaust” and shouts of drunken “WOOO-WHHHOOOOS” and “YYYEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHS”.

    At night, when the assholes with straight pipes finally come down from their meth high, you can hear the faint sound of banjos being carried by the wind…

    • Denzel

      You should be proud of that last sentence…

  • wwalkersd

    What are you trying to say with that first photo, Ashlee? :)

  • David Howland

    Pretty psyched to live vicariously through instagram feeds for the weekend.

    Great to see Ashlee’s input as well. I liked her recent article and she seems to have a different angle on the whole experience.

  • GoFasterPB

    A flat? Again? Is this now a tradition for the pilgrimage?

  • Gene

    Fix-a-flat? I feel sorry for whoever changes your tire next…

  • Frosty_spl

    Jeez, Sean even wears hipster underwear.

  • Dylan

    Where do you guys hang out during the race and such? I’m down working in the apex of turn 3 (We got Bautista and Rossi yesterday) but during lunch have a break.

    • Wes Siler

      We’re floating between Astars and Brammo and Red Bull. Email me, we’ll exchange numbers and meet up. Must be awesome corner working this weekend.

      • Dylan

        I emailed my number to and if there is somewhere different to email you at lemme know or stop by the gate at turn 3 apex and I’ll recognize you.

        And yeah it’s a blast…lots of stories to tell when we meet up.

        • Wes Siler

          Sorry I missed you guys, still don’t have either email.

          • Dylan

            Damn must have been my phone…I even sent it twice. We ended up seeing Sean and Ashlee while we were walking around and were looking forward to meeting the whole crew! We had a blast, tons of traffic in our corner, and our response team even got a couple shout outs from the Dorna/FIM/Medical organizer. We probably had around 12 or so bikes down in just our section of turn 3.

            Next time we are out in Cali I’ll make sure to use an email program that works

  • mmike

    Front swingarm on a WR450?

  • Eric

    Thumbs down!

    Too much having fun and enjoying life, not enough uploading pictures for those of us working this weekend/hating life.

    • Wes Siler

      3G at the track blew. Couldn’t upload hardly any pics. We’ve got an epic feature coming this week though, stay tuned.

      • Eric


      • Dylan

        Agreed. I had only 1X the whole time we were at the track.And yet somehow had full bars on 4G at workers camp

  • tk

    Great pics. I intended to ride up this year, but I only got as far as Santa Maria. My buddy’s GSXR lost its wheel bearings on the 101 (!). After a tow back to LA we made it to the track in a rental car.

  • Rick

    It’s been said that the loudest noise of the entire weekend came not from the MotoGP bikes or jet fighters streaking overhead but Ms. Mary Spies’ screaming tantrum at the mechanics!

    I wonder if she violated MotoGP’s 130 decibel limit? Witnesses say it was very close.

    • Gene

      Yeah, WTF was with the back of his Yamaha collapsing like that? Did they leave a shock bolt loose? Did the shock collapse? Did the swingarm break?

      Ben just can not catch a break this year.

      • Rick

        A snapped or loose bolt is one possibility, but breakages of titanium shock springs are not unheard of either. !’d like to know the full scoop but doubt that will ever happen.

        • Gene

          Yeah, they’re just saying “technical failure of the swingarm” which sounds either like a spring, or maybe the casting somehow broke, and not a mechanic’s error – I expect Road Racing World will dig into it.

          I was seriously impressed by one of the ex-racer BBC Sport commentators. He instantly spotted that Ben’s rear wheel had squashed up into the seat before it crashed. That was a damn good eye. I missed it myself.

  • Racetrack Style

    A few laps before Ben’s crash, I walked up to the cork screw. 3 or so bikes’ rear suspension were squatting badly once the racer turned right in the middle of the cork screw. Ben’s bike seemed to be the most apparent and he crashed in the exact spot where it squatted in the rear the previous lap.

    Racing lines that hugged the inside curbing on that right turn didn’t have bikes that bottomed out (or stepped out) as much

  • Coreyvwc

    I saw Wes and Sean at the track for a minute on Saturday night, weird seeing you people in you the flesh. The racing was awesome as always but everything surrounding it was a big shit show (as expected). The trip there and back, that’s where the magic was!