Details on the Ducati Hypermotard 848

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A trusted source in France writes with news from a select consumer preview in Versailles: the upcoming, liquid cooled replacement for the Hypermotard / smaller Multistrada will make 120bhp and retail in Europe starting at 12,000 Euro. That equivalent in price to the current 1,100cc air-cooled bike, just with 25 more horsepower.

Accord to said source, there’ll be three versions of the bike, that base model, a touring version with hard luggage and other farkles and a 14,000 Euro “SP” model with electronically adjustable Ohlins, a la the Ducati 1199 Panigale S. Sales are said to begin next year, with the bike likely scheduled for unveiling at EICMA.

  • Lacubrious

    My precious…

  • Jesse

    Liquid Multitard! This just gets better…

  • KW

    Yes Please!

  • BMW11GS

    I love how the end of summer/fall brings all the new bikes for next year, give you something to ponder during the cold short days.

  • Kevin

    Meh. Same wind protection, comfort and range, just more hoon. This is not a Ministrada, this is a Megatard.

    • BMW11GS

      I think its going to be two different models, built on the same backbone and engine, bub.

  • Beale

    A touring version? They’d better up the size of the tank or the only touring you’ll be doing on that is of every gas station in line of sight.

    • cynic

      +1 I would love to see more of a Mini-strada with the 848 engine.

  • KR Tong

    That thing is effing tiny. Is it the photo?
    Is it the fanny pack?

    • JMcMahon

      Few people know that the Stig’s brother is motorcycle/fanny pak enthusiast.

    • AHA

      Scarily small. What’s the point of a Monster-sized supermoto?

      • noone1569

        The point? Hooning. Obviously.

    • cdeforrest

      That’s not even a Ducati Corse fanny pack.

      A little piece of me died knowing such a thing exists.

    • Campisi

      Hopefully not, most motorcycles are too damn big as it is.

  • Paul

    12,000 euros for the base model pegs it closer to the current SP price and raises the stakes close to 17k for the next gen SP, no?

    • Wes Siler

      In France, the base Hypermotard 1100 retails for 12,000 Euro.

      • Your_Mom

        I don’t live in France.

        • Wes Siler

          The conclusion you can draw, even if you’re from Timbuktu, is that there won’t be a price increase.

  • NewOldSchool

    I am excited by the fact that most of the exciting new machines we hear about these days are not race replicas, but real world standard/naked/powertards!

    • filly-fuzz

      Real bikes for the real world!

      ya gotta love it

  • Paul

    damn – we live in a great country

  • holdingfast

    ew a hip-bag.

    • filly-fuzz

      All Ducati’s are secretly tested by 75 year old asian grandmothers for quality purposes

  • Sam

    I’m pretty stoked about the idea of a Hyper-strada/Mini-strada. Sounds like it might be a good upgrade from my air-cooled Multistrada when she finally starts getting long in the teeth.