Four-Stroke Fever: the strangest little biker flick ever?

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On part ‘70s Bikesploitation, one part product show case, one part cheesy SciFi, one part stuntah, but mostly a chance for Rodney Aguiar to kick start his career as a creepy redneck character actor, Matt Wignall’s Four-Stroke Fever (aired last weekend at RSD HQ) is a bizarre, heavily stylized insight into what goes on inside the minds of Andy Bell, Roland Sands and Ryan Dudek. And man, these guys are weird.

  • Bronson

    I’ve made it to the 4:18 mark so far and all I can say is “WEAK”.

    P.S. Where’s the girl in the Daisy Duke’s with the f’d up hips?

  • Mykola

    RSD makes Sportsters cool.

  • Brammofan

    It’s like “On Any Sunday” meets every-high-school-kids’-homemade-wake-up-from-a-dream-with -motorcycles-and-cops-and-alien-abductions-video-project but with better music and more hipstamatic film effects. Except nobody is as cool as Steve McQueen… or even Mert Lawwill, for that matter.

    • Campisi

      I know, right? Awesome.

    • Eben

      Looks a trailer like Repo Man: 2 Wheels, to me. And nobody’s as cool as Harry Dean Stanton…

  • Eduard

    dafuq did i just watch?!

  • Campisi

    Any other use for those nine minutes would have been wasted.

  • Scott-jay

    Obviously, sponsor sells pork ‘n beans.

  • Anthony Wayne

    Fun video, just makes me want to get out and ride.

  • IAimToMisbehave

    WTF was that ? Was that supposed to be entertaining . Was that supposed to be Hipster BS and Cool ? Was that …… well …..WTF was that nine minutes of wasted perfectly good time ? Pathetic ! Good thing these goons make better customs than they do videos . Don’t quit yer day job gentlemen . Ya my be in LaLa Land but actors producers and videographers …. well …… you aint

  • Adam

    Keep building bikes, guys.

  • Paul D

    Sadly, life is one big commercial.

  • rvfrules

    That’s some funny shizzle…

  • David

    I liked it much more than the “Amazing” Spider-Man.

  • jp182

    delightful 70′s cheese. You guys act like you’ve never seen 70′s television before:

  • Ryan

    Its kinda nice to see people doing weird ass stuff like this, also, spaceships rule.

  • walter

    How many more free jackets did you guys get to run this as ‘content’ on your paid subscription site?

    Sheesh. The least you could do is share the love with your paying subscribers upon occasion.

    • Archer

      Sweet leaping prairie dogs, are you kidding me? You’re upset because you were supplied something to click on? Really??


  • nymoto

    everybody relax – it has bikes AND spaceships in it. it was fun. Who cares, it was a fun, stupid, cool vid, and a reason to throw a party. if you don’t like parties and spaceships and motorcycles i think you are in the wrong place. move along.

  • Chris Davis

    Do it like this: Frezno Smooth

  • dux [87 CBR600, 95 XR600R]

    I don’t know what happened, but I liked it.

  • kinsler

    RSD is great because they are getting creative with their marketing and image. Not just another company with tribal tats and bullshit chrome boltons. If your 9 minutes are so important that you cant watch this, you need to quit your job at the bank and drive off a cliff.

    aliens and motos rad forever