Spiritualized’s “Little Girl” is a thieving stunter

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“2 crashes, a wrecked bike, a near-death tank rattle, 12 burnt-out tires, a broken whipped cream charger, and a near arrest after police caught producers filming a high speed tracking shot on the autobahn into Berlin at 4am.” That’s not what happens in the video, that’s what happened in the 3 days it took just to produce it. UK stunter Chesca Miles stars in the video “Little Girl” as a runaway who steals her dead-beat dad’s Ducati Monster and all his cash to flee the drugged out grey skies of a dirty eastern European, post-Soviet wasteland. Because this is a video for Jason Pierce’s band Spiritualized, mayhem naturally ensues, burnouts are mandatory and redemption ends in a roofied-out haze.

I was in college when Spiritualized’s brilliant album Ladies and Gentlemen We are Floating in Space came out, and thank goodness Pierce is still obsessed with love, death, religion and hotrods. Thanks for the tip, Bill!

  • Glenngineer


  • Cockroach

    Whoo… Thanks for that. Reminds me of Blood Orange a bit. http://youtu.be/-V2GH4cJgKA

  • paulo

    Europe looks lovely this time of year.

  • John

    You guys are Spiritualized fans? Fuck, I love this place. How do I subscribe for life?

  • dux [87 CBR600, 95 XR600R]

    Oh! I didn’t realize this was a music video until I read the comments.

  • RT Moto

    Pretty badass video.

  • Roman

    Depressing video is depressing. When I visited my birthplace a few years ago (Kiev, Ukraine- i.e. post-Soviet wasteland), I made a point to stop by the apartment building we were living in before we left. Thing is, I’d probably still be living there with the rest of my fam had we not left. Nothing like that realization to make you appreciate how good we have it here in America.

    Though to be fair, the older parts of the city were quite lovely.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Grant Ray

      Wow. You may has well lived on the set of Kieślowski’s Decalogue films.

    • Emmanuel Meris

      I love the contrast of a Mercedes parked next to a rusty old Soviet era beater..

    • Gene

      Christ… one of the college mainframe night sysops was from the Ukraine – I don’t remember exactly where. She let me borrow the tape of her wedding once. The groom put on a tie. They walked down to the state office and paid a hundred rubles or whatever for a piece of paper and a lecture from the state official. They went back to their little apartment and cut up a tiny little cake with their parents and a few friends. They borrowed the car (a local Trabant variant) and had a picnic somewhere. That’s it, that’s your wedding & honeymoon. That tape would be about 35-40 years old now.

      A more depressing thing I have not seen before or since.

      I’ll bet the Mercedes belongs to some bureaucrat.

      • Roman

        Definitely not a Mercedes. Some Chinese/Korean knockoff. When I told our host where we used to live, they were pretty bummed out. Not the greatest area apparently, though when we moved there in the 1980s, that was some hot stuff. Massive housing shortage, even these days. Also massive income inequality, it seemed that either you were obscenely rich, or barely squeaking by. Very small middle class, can’t even imagine what the other cities or villages are like.

        Tons of amazing cars downtown though, this was back 2009, I think:

  • Fizzy Fox

    She should buckle her helmet.

  • http://www.brammofan.com Brammofan

    Answers the question “does a stunter sh!t in the woods?”

  • nymoto

    That was rad

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