Watch a rider walk away from a 188mph crash

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Racing a 320bhp Buell at Norwalk, Ohio, Angie Smith’s brakes failed and she was unable to slow before running off the end of the drag strip and into a corn field. “I am sore and bruised, might have broke my finger,” she Tweeted shortly after. “Other than that, I am great!” Wearing full safety gear yet? It works.

  • Glenngineer

    Was there a kitchen on that motorcycle?

    I thought not.

    This was preventable.

    • Yuri

      You will die sad and alone.

      • Mykola

        I expect the opposite; a playfully irreverent sense of humor is a great social trait to have.

        • Gavin

          Worked for me.

    • Wes Siler

      I laughed.

      • donniedarko


    • Campisi

      That one took me a second…

    • sanjuro

      What’s your suggestion when the brakes go? Fred Flintstone? A backflip off the bike, ala The Matrix?

      You’re an internet warrior. Give it up Glenn.

    • Scott Pargett


  • Holden and Annette

    ESPN2 had the video, but almost nothing to say about it, yesterday. At least, as far as I saw — didn’t watch every hour of coverage.

    They said the bike was totaled. Glad to see that Smith wasn’t.

  • adam Hoff

    Glenngineer, if that was a black person would you have made a racist comment? (I sincerely hope your answer is no.) Why do you think it’s ok to make a sexist comment?

    I know why…because you are an idiot.

    • Wes Siler

      Having had Glenn as a great commenter for ages now, I think he’s simply leaving the “this girl is a bigger badass than all of us combined” be pronounced silently.

      • JMcMahon

        I went to Norwalk with my dad when I was kid. The best race of the day did not come from nitro Harleys or souped up zeds but from a tiny woman on an iron head sportster. They ran bracket racing between the main events and all afternoon she ran down the track and never broke out. When you walked through the pits that day she was all the other racers talked about. You would tell them “good race” and they would shout back, “Thanks, you see that girl on the red ironhead? She is F’in killin it!” We don’t see enough women ride, and when somebody breaks that mold they should be encouraged not told get back in the kitchen. Glenn’s comment was neither clever or funny, it was just rude. We should hold ourselves to higher standards than tired sexist jokes.

        • protomech

          Agree that we don’t see enough ladies riding.

          There’s a subtle distinction between a comment made in jest and a comment made in hate. Text often filters out those subtleties.

          Usually it’s wise to pass on comments that fall in that gray area, at least in a public forum where people are happy to leap to conclusions .. but I would hate for that to be enforced.

      • Robert M

        When I read the comment of note I took it to mean the bike is big enough it must have included “everything but the kitchen sink” and did not assume it was a sexist comment.
        It seems to me the rider of such a bike might want their own parachute. I have gone for a slide in a rough pasture but never fast enough to raise a dust trai
        l and it hurt plenty just the same.

    • Campisi

      Chill, dude, it’s the internet.

    • Scott Pargett

      I’m fully confident that comment was entirely light-hearted.

  • David Howland

    That’s got to be one hell of an experience… Her body language tells a lot!

    “Brakes aren’t working.. Maybe..? Nope, definitely not working. What now? Uh.. um.. um.. *cornfield*”

    • Gene

      “I thought I could save it ’til the corn started coming in around the face shield”

  • JVictor75

    Looks like smart racing to me! As the esteemable Kenny Rogers once sang:

    You got to know when to hold ‘em,
    know when to fold ‘em,
    Know when to walk away and
    know when to run.

    Never having drag raced anything (professionally or otherwise – I’m too much of a huge puss) I would say that trying to A) save the bike or B) wanting to be anywhere near the bike when it decided it wanted to go ass over tea kettle would be a recipe for a bad time.

    Looks like she knew what she was doing. I know I don’t have reflexes like that, and probably never did (hence the no drag racing).

    I wonder how many of my fellow riding buddies (male and female) would be able to just let the bike go and how many would wind up dead or seriously injured from holding on and thinking “I got this! Come at me, cornfield!”

  • Core

    Holy crap, that was intense… She hit that sand.. and it looked like it didn’t do a damned thing to slow her down.. plan two, cornfield.